Parchment neighbors accuse a former police officer of murdering “Mondongo”, a stray dog

The neighbors of Parchment are shocked by the assassination of “Mondongo”, a Street dog whom everyone knew and who cared for by two sisters, who fed him and adopted.

TO TN and The People the video arrived where you can see the moment in which shot and fell dead. At that time the animal was with two other dogs that ran away from the stampede. The images also show the woman leaving the street alerted by the noise.

It was there that the neighbor crossed the street and found her beloved “Mondongo” dead with a shot in the ear. His sister joined the scene and between the two they dragged him to his house. They published the fact on social networks and made the complaint. They suspect that the murderer is a bonaerense police who lives on the same block.

The woman who took care of him is called Martha Orlandi. She is now retired, but all her life she was a secretary of the National School, now called “Number 5”. Since he retired, together with his sister, he dedicated himself to give shelter to the animals that walked on the street. So much so that on June 16 he had opened the door for “Mondongo” to go for a walk, without suspecting that minutes later it would be murdered.

“I called the security camera technician and reviewing the videos We were able to individualize when the suspect fired from the roofs to where the dogs were. A person was seen walking on the roofs of neighboring houses with a long gun and then bending down to take a firing position and shoot. He fired and the other cameras recorded that the other dogs that were with Mondongo ran away. ‘Mondongo ‘fell collapsed to the floor “the woman told The Parchment Time.

The Director of Veterinary Medicine of the Municipality did the autopsy and withdrew the bullet. For its part, from the Prosecutor’s Office they raided the house of the suspect and kidnapped firearms. Now they are going to compare them with the projectile that was extracted from the dog.

The bullet that killed “Mondongo”: (Photo: True Parchment).

The prosecutor Francisco Furnari acts ex officio, he acted ex officio and the agency imputes the violation of law 14,346 on animal abuse. To this are added two aggravating factors: that the attacker is a former police officer and using firearms on public roads.

“It will be repressed with prison of fifteen days to one year, the one who inflicts mistreatment or makes victims of acts of cruelty to animals, “says the law in its first article.