Miryam’s story: she took care of a 93-year-old grandmother in a nursing home and took her to live at home

“I always had the vocation to take care of, that’s why I studied, I prepared myself and I take care of older adults. Taking Delia home was an act that came from my heart.” This is how the talk with Miryam Cardili, a 60 year old woman who lives with her husband in Boulogne.

They met at the nursing home where Delia she lived. But before quarantine, and With the family’s approval, he decided to take her home. The 93-year-old woman loves to read and watch television. “She was deteriorated, and since we lived together she regained weight and we spent her last birthday together,” Miryam said in dialogue with TN and The People.

Delia loves reading novels and Florencia Bonelli is one of her favorite authors. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Miryam spent his whole life selling clothes, but in the crisis of 2001 he lost his job and lost his home. But he reinvented himself and did the “The Art of Caring” workshop that the municipality dictates. “During the course I did internships at the San Isidro hospital and I noticed how with the company and containment the elderly people improved,” he explained.

He has known Delia’s family for many years, so he proposed that they take her to live with her to take better care of her. And so it was that in February there were three, plus the dogs that live in the house that Miryam shares with her husband.

Delia turned 93 at Miryam's house. (Photo: TN and La Gente).
Delia turned 93 at Miryam’s house. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

The economic situation of women is tight, did not leave retirement and rentBut his love for older people and his desire to help overcome any obstacle. Delia turned 93 on June 15 and had an intimate celebration. Her son obtained a medical permit and went to greet heralthough he saw it from the window. She also received the love of the rest of her family through video calls.

“You have to leave them get angry and grow old. Listen to the same story a hundred times and help them not lose their identity. I think something is changing regarding them. Always were vulnerablebut now that they are in danger by the pandemicMaybe something will change and they will be valued and respected as they deserve, “she concluded excitedly.

Miryam when he finished the course “The Art of Caring”. (Photo: TN and La Gente).