Mazazo to the Córdoba hub: Latam suspended all its flights from Taravella without delay

The bad news regarding Latam’s withdrawal from the Argentine market continues to multiply.

Days ago, the company communicated its decision to cease Latam Argentina’s operations in the country, and to keep only the operation of its regional flights by subsidiaries from other countries.

In this framework, and although a shadow cone was opened on flights from Córdoba, there were chances that they would continue to be in charge of the aforementioned subsidiaries.

However, Latam confirmed this Wednesday to The voice the “temporary suspension” and without date of restitution of the three routes from Córdoba: to Santiago de Chile, Lima (Peru) and San Pablo (Brazil).

Until before the quarantine, the airline was the main international operator at Taravella. It carried 355 thousand passengers in 2019, 58 percent of the annual international traffic that passed through Córdoba.

The measure is part of the decision to suspend indefinitely all regional flights that do not depart from Buenos Aires, including, in addition to those in Córdoba, those that operate from Mendoza, Rosario, Salta and Tucumán.

Latam stressed that the decision is a consequence of “the drop in demand due to Covid-19”.

Meanwhile, the airline confirmed that the routes that operate from Buenos Aires to San Pablo, Santiago de Chile and Lima project their resumption subject to flight restrictions in each country. In Argentina, and according to official regulations, flights have been authorized since September 1: companies can today sell tickets with departures from that date.

Difficult this year

Company sources admitted that the restitution of flights from Córdoba is tied to the recovery of demand, a phenomenon that they see as very difficult this year. “If the level of activity improves in 2021, flights that do not operate from Buenos Aires will be reactivated,” they admitted.

It is worth mentioning that Latam’s decision to terminate its local subsidiary implied confirmation of the company’s departure from the cabotage business, including flights to Buenos Aires that operated from Taravella. Now, the regionals are added.

Tickets purchased

The company reported: “As of June 24, passengers who have purchased tickets to fly on the suspended routes between August and December 2020 will be progressively notified via email, with the possibility of making date and destination changes, or apply for travel voucher for the amount paid through the My Trips option (on, or through the contact center corresponding to your country. “