“Maybe more consultation was necessary”

The chancellor referred to the plan to intervene the company and, beyond defending the government’s decision, admitted that it was a “surprise”

In the midst of the analysis of the coronavirus pandemic and the repatriation of stranded Argentines, Foreign Minister Felipe Solá referred to the plan to intervene the Vicentin company and, beyond defending the Government’s decision, admitted that it was a “surprise” and that “maybe more consultation was necessary”.

Vicentin was a surprise, maybe more consultations were necessary… the decision was spread in an unwanted way. It has cost us a lot as a Government to explain that the State has no interest in becoming a capitalist producer of goods and services“, began the chancellor, in dialogue with radio Futurock FM.

To explain the decision, he gave the YPF as an example: “We have had YPF for many years and we do not have a plan to fill that role or think that the State is going to do it better.”

Sola: “The decision spread in an unwanted way”

Risk of “transnationalization”

Solá pointed out that the cereal was at risk of “transnationalization”, given the economic and financial crisis going through.

“Vicentin presented the danger of having transnationalization at a low price. And that is not a xenophobia problem, the problem is that a fund of different types of owners, sometimes multinational, lives on a business of thousands of people that is very important for the Northeast santafecino and for the exports of our country in a completely different way if the owners were in Argentina, “he clarified.

He project to expropriate the agro-exporter was “on hiatus” while the Government explores alternatives for the fate of the company in competition, including a possible public-private partnership.

Solá explained that the expropriation project was on hiatus

Solá explained that the expropriation project was on hiatus

Bicameral Commission and opposition complaints

As part of this initiative, on Wednesday the Senate approved the creation of a Bicameral Commission to investigate the debts that the cereal company has with Banco Nación.

The initiative was supported by a simple majority, in the face of complaints from the opposition that it argued that two thirds of the votes were needed for its approval.

Laura Rodríguez Machado, rejected the accusations of the oficialismo towards the Cambiemos management, recalled that the government of Mauricio Macri also promoted a complaint against Vicentin for alleged money laundering and assured that the company “increased by 261%” its debt with Banco Nación during the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

“I want to tell you that the Macri government, through the UIF (Financial Information Unit), made a complaint against the Vicentin company for money laundering. I am surprised that (Oscar) Parrilli does not know that he is now trying to investigate that since That complaint is in a file where he is reported to be the blessed cause of the notebooks, “he specified.

The senator for Córdoba He also refuted the allegations that Vicentin was the main contributor to the Macrism campaign and assured that there were at least 10 Vicentin officials or directors who appear as contributors to the 2007 electoral campaign of former President Fernández de Kirchner.

Senator Esteban Bullrich indicated that 200 of the 300 million received by the Vicentin company were granted during the administration prior to Macrismo, “while his peers Silvia Elías de Pérez and Oscar Castillo, considered that an expropriation project of the company” would put legal security to attract future investment to the country is at risk. “

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