“In a not long time the economy will work fully”, promised Alberto Fernández before announcing the new quarantine

The president Alberto Fernández inaugurated this Thursday by videoconference the Genelba thermal generation plant, of the Pampa Energía company, in the Buenos Aires city of Marcos Paz, and promised that “In no time, the economy will work fully.”

“I am happy to see Argentine businessmen who bet and accompany Argentina in this difficult time”, said the head of state, highlighted that these local capitals invest in the development of the country and criticized those who “They misuse the loans of Banco Nación”, In clear reference to the Vicentin case, who maintains a million dollar debt with the bank.

In a virtual way, because he has the medical advice not to leave the Olivos residence due to the growth of contagions due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the president assured that “public capital is there to support private capital with loans like makes Banco Nación ”and that is why you get irritated when some misuse credits and leave debts at Banco Nación and bankruptcies in their companies, but it is not the case of Pampa.

Pampa Energía completed the first stage of its thermoelectric power station, which will reach a potential of 1,247 MW, making it one of the largest in the country.

In this sense, the president stressed that Pampa Energía executives “accompanied” the request of the national government not to increase rates, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and said that “there will be time to discuss” on this issue.

Fernández highlighted among the national entrepreneurs the figure of Marcelo Mindlin, president of Pampa Energía, and recalled that it was with the directors of that company with “the first” that he communicated to “Agree not to raise rates” during the pandemic and “they accompanied”.

Pampa Energía is responding to what are the central objectives of this country. With Néstor (Kirchner) we seek to associate private and public capital for energy development, which is something that cannot be dispensed with“Fernández recalled.

In this sense, he remarked that this “is the right path”: “It makes me very happy that they are Argentine capitals. It makes me happy that national capitals gain space in electricity generation. Sovereignty means sourcing, taking charge of the future. When you see that the capitals remain in the country, you have the peace of mind of not depending on others

“The investment in technology that Pampa Energía made is very important. This allows us to save on fossil fuels. I am happy to see Argentine businessmen who bet on and accompany Argentina, “he said.

For his part, Mindlin, who was the first to speak, said: “We can say that despite the many difficulties, Pampa Energía continued to invest. We are going to supply energy to 2.5 million Argentine homes ”.

I remember that in 2004 we were received by the head of the Cabinet, current president, and he encouraged us to continue with this investment policy in the sector so that more and more energy assets were in the hands of Argentine businessmen“Remarked the president of Pampa Energía.

The inauguration of this thermoelectric plant required an investment of 350 million dollars, 1,500 people worked and it will increase the installed capacity of the Plant by 380 MW.