Customer service, employment: what wages companies pay

Partner searches are growing to provide answers to consumer queries driven by the ecommerce boom. Salaries and positions

Regardless of industry, in the midst of a historic recession, all companies have gone out to strengthen a fundamental area for these times: Customer service.

Why? Why it is the last, but not least, link in the chain of the User Experience (UX).

Such strengthening is quickly supported by the main human resources consultancies, which report a increase in orders to occupy key positions in this area whose structure it gets more and more every day complex, innovative and technological.

What motivates growth? “Given the current scenario, in which sales through ecommerce channels have grown exponentially, it is clearly observed that there has been a turn in trading strategies of companies and much of the focus – and success – is on answer these questions“he explains to iProUP Nicolás Rocha, regional manager of Bumeran Selecta.

Furthermore, companies are aware that user databases are “worth gold” and that valuable information is extracted from customers for decision making. When that amount (of information) is very large, the Big Data.

What is the Big data? Is he massive data analysis. The volume is so large that the procedures used to find repetitive patterns must be more sophisticated. Specialized software is required to process that material in such a way get revenue in time and form.

“The most wanted profiles are professionals who use innovative tools, such as automation and machine learning. So they can develop solutions to answer queries of consumers more efficiently and innovatively“assures iProUP Federico Carrera, Managing Partner of High Flow, Grupo DNA.

According to María Laura Scarano, manager of the Bayton National Team, what they are looking for the most are people who understand quality standards of these types of positions: “Before, they were basic positions, type call centers, sought without understanding the importance they have and even without previous experience. That now changed. ”

“Today, however, there is competitions at stake When choosing who should occupy these places, such as emotional intelligence, sociability, initiative, problem analysis and creative solutions“he adds to iProUP.

This look is ratified from the bank HSBC. “The majority (83%) of those who are in Customer service they are professionals with a mix of Studies in Economics, Engineering, Administration, Marketing, Communication, Psychology, Design and more. This training enriches the design of processes and facilitates the articulation of different variables, “reveals iProUP Mariana Casey.

The teams are multidisciplinary: social sciences, design, content, among the most wanted

Paula Cristi, general manager of Take off for Argentina and Uruguay, adds to iProUP: “Are they UX team profiles, covering researchers, from fields such as the social sciences or industrial, graphic, multimedia design, among others”.

“Also they content talents, who study cultural habits, define the voice and tone of our relationship with the client; and the visual design and interaction team, whose focus is to understand the problems of users to create solutions, “he remarks.

As for IT support, searches are aimed at “developers who program in different environments, both backend, frontend and fullstack,” he says. iProUP Ariel Vázquez, responsible for the Bachelor of Human Resources at UADE. “Also profiles that are dedicated to Informatic security as well as technical support, since they must face the demand “, he explains.

For his part, Ricardo Sarni, Marketing Manager of Fanbag, assures iProUP than “professionals who join to this area they must be able to interpret data, trends and propose action plans with a comprehensive view of the user experience. “

In this sense, Sarni describes that “they are analytical and have certain knowledge of data science or systems to manage the requirements towards the development area. They are used to using agile methodologies to overcome obstacles together with the work team. ”

Gabriel Weinstein, partner and director of Innovation at the consulting firm Olivia, tells iProUP “these kinds of changes increases customer loyalty and motivates them to return to a brand particularly when you need to buy again, because much of your decision-making process is based on trust. ”

Add technology

While consumers are getting more omnichannels and digital, companies face the challenge of having to provide a transparent and simple experience.

“For this, the companies they should be able to offer a Quality service uniform at all points of contact. To this are added digital tools, like interaction systems, CRM, the analytical solutions, the calling platforms and process management in addition to artificial intelligence, all keys to the Customer Service areas “, expresses to iProUP Francisco Liguori, Vice President of Marketing for SAP South Region.

Indeed, today the communication channels with users multiply: phone, chatbots (powered by Artificial Intelligence), Whatsapp, apps, social networks, email. And they are all valid.

“Consumers have access to large amounts of information and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a single click. They don’t care about the medium, but what they are looking for is a resolution to their problems. Something that with the increase of ecommerce is being put to the test “, highlights iProUP Miguel Terlizzi, President of HuCap.

Before this panorama, one of the most wanted positions today by companies is that of Customer Service manager. “He is the one who strategically designs the training plans for the User experience“defines Carla Cantisani, Director of Services for Adecco Argentina & Uruguay.

And he details: “His job is to supervise the implementation of changes or adjustments in care models identifying if the procedures, care and referral protocols, as well as the support material are consistent with what was initially designed. “


User experience is key and customer service is the last link in the chain

To account for how digitalization impacts customer service, Mara Fernández, Performance Director of Apex America, tells iProUP how they changed the implementation of automation processes.

“Our chatbot became a fundamental ally for satisfactorily and autonomously resolve more than 50% of the volume of queries that reached the digital channels, helping our employees to focus on those more complex tasks, which require human empathy, “he points out.

Damian Obremski, managing partner of Qstom, states to iProUP : “Customer service areas usually have more than one level and the consumer has the possibility of scaling their query

“So, the initial is the one that takes the query, analyzes it and follows the defined processes in order to solve what caused the contact. Today, that level is being replaced by smart virtual assistants, capable of receiving countless simultaneous queries from different channels and consistently responding each one, “he highlights.

It also highlights the importance of chatbots in the fintech ecosystem. Karina Guzmán, Head of Customer Service at the firm, entrusts iProUP that this tool “can evacuate 95% of queries frequent and even conduct surveys. ” value added is that it provides what every consumer is looking for: prompt attention. This is complemented by WhatsApp, the daily means of communication for consumers, “he highlights.

Interaction continues

This is an increasingly cross-sectional area. For example, “there is permanent contact with the operations team, to facilitate a fast customer response. What cannot be resolved by the focus area in the first instance quickly scales. This mechanics guarantees resolution efficiency and agility“, details iProUP Mariela Sandroni, CMO of Nubi.

Another case is that of Box, that with the arrival of the Covid-19 had to remotely return to its collaborators in the area and also train those who were relocated to resolve the growing demand they had on digital channels.

“Our staff is divided into two groups: people who they serve only by phone and others that do through digital media. In order to bring the user quicker and more efficient answers, many employees who worked in the telephone area went to digital, after virtual training, “he confides to iProUP Roxana Dziob, Contact Center manager for La Caja.

In this sense, it is a possibility of growth so that these collaborators migrate to the commercial area. “They are potentially good candidates to be part of that team. Especially in companies with services and products that require consultative sales, “he tells iProUP Martín Funes, commercial operational head of Pointer.

In what range are the salaries of the jobs in the sector? According to HuCap, the average salaries are as follows:

– Manager Customer Services: $ 230,000

– Boss Customer Service: $ 124,000

– Supervisor Customer Services: $ 87,000

– Help Desk/ Help Desk: $ 52,000

– Call Center Operator/ Telemarketer: $ 45,000

“These profiles are the best gateway that a company can have. We are living in an era in which the Customer experience is the element fundamental to guarantee company growth“, highlight iProUP from Itaú.

And they conclude: “In this context, it is key count at the decision tables with people who have been in contact with clients, that they know their needs, their desires and what kind of problems they have. “