Coronavirus in Argentina | With more controls and less circulation, the Government announces a stricter quarantine

The Nation, the Province of Buenos Aires and the City will make this Thursday official a new stage of quarantine which will be in force from next week and which will include more restrictions on the movement of people in the AMBA, the most affected area in the country.

The decision was worked out in recent days by the three jurisdictions with different meetings in which they analyzed the latest coronavirus infection data in the region. The partial reopening of social isolation has produced in recent weeks a considerable increase in the number of new daily cases. This Wednesday there were more than 2,600.

The health system is still resisting, but we have to take into account the growth (of infections). This implies that the authorities take the appropriate actions to restrict circulation, “he told Two voices the chief of staff Santiago Cafiero.

President Alberto Fernández, the governor Axel Kicillof and the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta They will meet this Thursday at the Quinta de Olivos and will announce the main guidelines for the new stage of quarantine.

Regarding what happened in the last days, he pointed out: “The controls were intensifying, especially in the inter-jurisdictional steps. What we see is that they have to be adjusted a little more and be more strict. Also add other restriction measures, because that alone they do not reach “, he advanced.

“They are the measures that are going to be announced tomorrow and that have to do with activities that were being authorized and that must be restricted or manage them in another way. We need the circulation level to drop, “explained Cafiero.

As anticipated, this section of the isolation will include stricter controls on public transport and the movement of people.

For this new stage, which would last for two weeks until July 12, the authorities have decided the closure of train stations in the suburbs, something that has already been implemented in the City, and study restrictions on the route of the groups.

The central objective of greater confinement and with greater limitations such as the one to be announced will be a easing of the rate of infection to avoid a possible collapse of the health system in the AMBA, after the increase in the number of beds occupied.

On the other hand, the closure of premises located in shopping centers of the conurbano. This is a measure similar to that adopted by the Larreta management that does not allow the opening of premises located on large avenues. The City will uphold this decision.

The Buenos Aires administration, on the other hand, evaluates temporarily suspend the empowerment for nocturnal physical activity in the city. Currently it is allowed from 19 to 9 depending on the termination of the DNI.

The Buenosairean governor Axel Kicillof held a virtual meeting with mayors to to coordinate tightening controls at the AMBA, especially in public transport.

“The governor said that, in his opinion, it was necessary to return to an earlier phase of the quarantine, preserve essential food and activities and restrict public transport of passengers as much as possible,” he said in dialogue with TN the mayor of San Isidro Gustavo Posse, who participated in the meeting.

Kicillof told the municipal chiefs that, before communicating the province’s position to the National Government, he wanted to know the situation of the districts. “Some of the mayors proposed to return to phase one and others, such as the case of San Isidro, we proposed to travel the two lanes, that is, take care of what has been achieved with quarantine and preserve job sources “, Posse stressed.

In the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health recorded 2,635 new cases of coronavirus and 38 deaths. Thus, it reached the highest daily figure to date. Thus, there are 49,851 infected in the country since the start of the pandemic and the fatalities number 1,116.