Coronavirus in Argentina | Chubut prepares protocols to return to tourist activity

The biosecurity protocols for when the whale watching on board is reactivated, which only done in Puerto Pirámides, are defined in a virtual meeting with the six providers of this service, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Tourism of Chubut.

The sanitary measures contemplate conditions of distancing, use of chinstraps and temperature controls for tourists before the start of the sightings. In addition, they mark the need for permanent hand hygiene, with soap and water or alcohol gel, and refer to the role of the guides, which require safety conditions and know how to detect suspected cases of coronavirus.

They also require the strict control of the data of tourists, their channels to contact them and the places where they stay, among other issues related to the traceability of visitor registrars. Final approval will be in charge of the Chubut Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, the chubutenses officials analyze the specific protocols of other 16 tourist activities that are carried out in the province. The organization in charge of Néstor García promotes different work groups on adventure tourism, which includes activities such as lake excursions, nature tourism, theme parks, rafting, kayaking, diving, hiking and horseback riding.

The tourism portfolio also advances with the specific protocols for the 17 provincial Natural Protected Areas, both for the body of wildlife guards and for visitors and scientists who are active in these areas.