Arturo Herrera, Secretary of the Treasury, tested positive for COVID-19

This afternoon the Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit of the Government of Mexico, Arturo Herrera reported that the Covid-19 test was positive after feeling discomfort in the throat typical of the disease.

“I have just been told that I tested positive for Covid19. I have very minor symptoms. From this moment I will be in quarantine, and I will continue working from home, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

In the morning, he participated in the “Emerging Markets Debt: A Roadmap Beyond Covid-19” forum, organized by Bloomberg, and exchanged views with the finance ministers of Argentina, Peru and the Philippines. on the effects of the economic crisis generated by Covid-19 and the recovery of the economy.

arturo herrera coronavirus

During his participation, he emphasized in two points “the construction of bridges with the private sector” and “investment spending on infrastructure projects.”

He explained that investing in infrastructure projects can generate more employment and investment.

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He assured that the current situation within the country will not allow 100% of the guidelines established in the trade agreement in Canada, the United States and Mexico to be carried out.

Currently countries with more developed economies have negative interest rate levels, in the United Kingdom it is 0.1%, while in Mexico the reference interbank rate is 5.5%, this is 50 times more expensive than in the United Kingdom, and it costs us 20 times more expensive than in Canada, the space that we have on the debt side is much smaller ”, explained the official.

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According to the official, the problems caused by the coronavirus in the country and the work stoppage prevented the required adaptations to be made to the work model in the country’s operating centers derived from the T-MEC.

Despite the panorama, the secretary said he is confident that the requirements of the treaty will be gradually implemented in order to comply with those established between the three countries.

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He added that the government has implemented many measures to deal with COVID-19, “however, what we did not do was package them, so we let people know how we were having these measures ready, when other economies announced big packages ”.

To this he added the need to adapt the workplaces so that the mitigation guidelines for the pandemic are respected, so it will take a few more days to carry them out.

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The federal official has had several meetings with the cabinet and even yesterday visited a television forum for an interview. On Friday he met with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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