Alert in the port of Rosario: they denounce “pirate dredge”

The sector’s union identified the ship and has already filed a complaint with the Prefecture and the Ministry of Labor. They warn about security issues

The guild of Dredging and Beaconing of Rosario denounced the circulation of a dredger “pirate” who performs tasks in the port area of ​​Rosario. According to the union, the name of the vessel would be Alp Catamarca.

“We do not know what contraptions this dredge has made to carry out tasks in the area,” said Edgardo Arrieta, secretary general of Dragado and Balizamiernto Rosario.

The union leader noted that the corresponding complaints have already been made in Prefecture and National Ministry of Labor and it has been verified that “it does not have security elements and the crew does not comply with the collective labor agreement”

“There are no minimum security issues regarding the dredger and we have recorded it in the Ministry. In addition, We do not know anything about the crew, if they go ashore with how dangerous it can be due to the coronavirus pandemic“Arrieta said.

For the port union leader, the dredge “must be moored and closed and yet continues to operate.”

We are surprised that the measures are not taken“he added, according to NotiRegional de Rosario.

In alert for the situation, the union has already filed a complaint with the Undersecretary of Waterways of the Nation. “We consider that these dredges cannot be left to sail, let alone allow workers in black or with other collective agreements that are not those of the sector,” Arrieta emphasized.

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