What is the price of the DOLAR BLUE TODAY, Wednesday June 24, 2020

In the parallel market the currency was offered at $ 127. See what the price of the blue dollar is today and how they quote the dollar Stock market and the cash with liquidation

The Dolar blue Today, Wednesday June 24, it is trading at $ 117.00 for the purchase and $ 127.00 for the sale, so the gap with the official dollar is 71%.

This occurs in the midst of restrictions on buying the $ 200 for savings imposed by the Central Bank and while the Government continued advancing in the negotiations to close the debt swap with private creditors.

In addition, investors look closely at stock quotes that try to be contained with the new restrictions imposed by the National Securities Commission (CNV).

The dollar counted with liquidation it is offered at $ 108.58.

For his part, the Dollar Bag, or MEP, is located around $ 107.67.

What will be the behavior of the blue dollar this week?

In turn, in the wholesale segment, the US currency starts the wheel at $ 70.03, always under the watchful eye of the Central Bank (BCRA).

As noted above, the Dolar blue It is listed at $ 127 in caves in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires.

In the official retail market, the North American currency operates at an average of $ 73.43 in agencies and banks in the city of Buenos Aires, so the tourist dollar which is calculated with the surcharge of 30% of the COUNTRY tax, it sells for $ 95.45.

According to the usual survey that the Centra Bankl Among the main financial entities that operate in the City, the sales prices are as follows:

– Galicia: $ 74.20

– Nation: $ 73

– ICBC: $ 73.20

– Supervielle: $ 73.50

– Santander: $ 73.50

– Itaú: $ 72.60

The Dolar blue, which was located at $ 127, does not have an official price, but its value comes out of the average price at unofficial exchange places.

The exchange clamp, a measure implemented to control the price of the currency and take care of the Central Bank’s reserves, reactivated parallel market operations, where users seek to avoid the cap of $ 200 a month for savings.

For his part, the country risk of Argentina it stood at 2,461 basis points.

Rodolfo Santangelo: “The parallel dollar is a buchón”

The Economist Rodolfo Santangelo analyzed the fiscal results for May, when state spending rose 96.8% while revenues rose only 2.4% compared to May 2019.

“This ends in a fiscal deficit in 2020 that we estimate in nine times higher to what was scheduled before the pandemic. If they were going to be around 200,000 million pesos, today they will probably be 1.8 (trillion pesos), “he said, and estimated that the only way to finance it will be with monetary issuance.

On the exchange gap, the analyst told LN + that the official dollar at $ 70 has a relative value competitive and it does not mean a problem.

“The problem is that the exchange gap is very high and is slowed down by very artificial measures,” continued the analyst who believes that the parallel dollar works “like a buchón”.

“The free is like a vigilant button that anticipates that there are problems with the economy,” he said.

For the economist there is also a greater relationship between the collapse of the economy and the intensification of the restrictions on social isolation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area: “Beyond the interior being more active, for the Argentine macreoconomy the Metropolitan area is too important so that we ignore it. ”

The post pandemic, the great concern

For Rodolfo Santangelo an economic plan is necessary to anticipate the exit of the post-pandemic

For Rodolfo Santangelo an economic plan is necessary to anticipate the exit of the post-pandemic

For Santangelo, Argentina will not have a rapid recovery capacity as other countries demonstrated after the pandemic.

“Me concern is set in post pandemic, because there I think there is a divergent diagnosis. Probably, most of the world’s economies, developed countries, but also emerging ones, have a fast recovery and in 2021 they have returned to a situation relatively similar to what they were before. While Argentina is very far from that scenario, “he said.

“When the pandemic passes we will face macroeconomic dilemmas, with the economic consequences of all that this cost, we will find ourselves with the fiscal deficit, the monetary issue, with the exchange gap. All these problems will be if it does not appear before a economic plan let it start normalize or to evacuate all these imbalances, “he said.

For Santangelo, if we do not resolve the issue of macroeconomic stability, the process of post-pandemic exit can be so erratic that the level of the Gross Domestic Product that Argentina had at the end of Mauricio Macri’s administration would not even be recovered.

“No one is saved from this; there was no chance in the midst of this sanitary collapse to avoid the economic consequences. So we are doing what we can and there is no alternative”he concluded.

Monetary issue

For Santangelo the longer the quarantine lasts, the more it will be necessary to invest pesos

For Santangelo the longer the quarantine lasts, the more it will be necessary to issue weights

In April Santangelo had already been concerned about the advance of the monetary issue.

Carlos Melconian’s partner anticipated iProfessional than “how much the longer the quarantine, more pesos will have to issue. And those pesos have only one destination: the parallel dollar.

“The Central Bank, which now wants to warmly reverse the situation, is at a crossroads. Banks offer rates of 26% or 30% with inflation estimated at 50% this year. That is, rates 20 points below the Expected CPI “, analyzed then the economist.

And he said that this was caused by the sharp drop in monetary policy rates of the Central, which pays for the Leliq 38% annually. “No one knows what the exit will be so that the gap doesn’t widen a little bit more.”

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