what changed with teleworking and digitization

Remote work is not simply moving home office tasks. Acquiring dynamics in virtuality is the biggest challenge for companies

The pandemic brought down prejudice and installed new working and relationship modalities.

Virtuality gained ground and the organization charts of companies -like the decision-making process- they have been growing to these times. Since flattening pyramids even profiles that have been gaining prominence, everything points to go through the day to day in a much more agile way and with empowered collaborators.

Organization charts will be increasingly flatter, with smaller structures which will only be enlarged temporarily, according to the projects that the organization faces and according to the moment. In other words, project work will reduce and expand them “, he describes iProUP Ariel Vázquez, responsible for the Bachelor of Human Resources at UADE.

Companies can no longer be thought of as a fixed structure in a context of complexity, volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity like the one we are experiencing, “he adds.

For now, the home office transform the way companies are run and this evidence the tension that was dragging between traditional and modern organization charts, in which digitization and collaboration rule.

“The decision making understood as a hierarchical concept is in check, because the new modality is to appeal to shared knowledge. The leader is no longer the expert who goes down the line, but who gives direction and meaning to the team, coordinating it within a framework that the organization defines, “he explains to iProUP Federico Carrera, Managing Partner of High Flow-Grupo DNA.

The imput of each collaborator now it is a fundamental issue and completely change the rules of the game, although surely hierarchical models continue to exist, “adds Carrera. In this way, it opens the game to a second important issue that the organization charts for virtual firms: the collaborators, which are uncovered in moments of paradigm falls.

“An interesting phenomenon is that the talent map changed. With this reformulation they have appeared the undercover leaders“he tells iProUP Gustavo Aguilera, director of Right Management and Human Capital of ManpowerGroup Argentina.

The talent map changed and allowed the appearance of undercover leaders

The talent map changed and allowed the appearance of undercover leaders

In this sense, the expert clarifies: “This tests the maturation of organizations. It is a time to empower talents. On the contrary, control appears when it is not clear how the processes should be developed. ”

Within this context, “the System of tracking Tasks and team activity can change radically. It is important to encourage the use of tools that facilitate the monitoring of tasks and objectives such as Monday.com, Trello, Jira, Google Keep “, lists iProUP Magdalena Fernández de Peón, Head of Human Resources for GlobalLogic LatAm.

An important detail is that “virtual organizations horizontalize communication and destroy barriers. For example, in order to have contact with a director, it is no longer necessary to go through the filter of four or five people who hold intermediate positions or several secretaries. All that disappears “, highlights iProUP Gabriel Pereyra, CEO of Modobeta.

According to the specialist, there are professionals who will take on special relevance post quarantine. “One of them are company doctors, until now assigned to a dark office in the basement. Others who are revalued are the talents linked to the Knowledge Economy, as well as HR, who put the transformation on their shoulders, “he adds.

“In this virtual and uncertain environment, with high speed of change, a change in the set of strategic skills (that we don’t always find) among those who hold the greater authority in the organization. This tends to produce a new balance of power“alert iProUP Liliana Cárdenes, member of Kyo HR.

This new configuration “requires more flexibility, responsibility in the exercise of individual competences and more open interaction rules, dynamic and collaborative “, he completes.

100% virtual

Taking off faced a double challenge during quarantine: on the one hand, he turned totally remote and also it’s right in an industry that is fully braked. How did you resolve the peak of work involved in travel cancellations and rescheduling? How did you adapt so that all your teams now work in home office?

“First, there was people who trained to deal with tasks that required more attention. For example, marketing partners are focusing on the after-sales experience“he tells iProUP Josefina Schaer, coordinator of Institutional Relations of the firm.

And he adds: “To this we add that the project leaders today have a super key role: they are the ones that set the pace for projects and meetings. Before, many times we solved things in a meeting in a hallway, that was over. For example, there are times when calls overlap. ”

Alex Sakkal, co-founder and commercial director of Nómada, assures iProUP that “the role of posts related to digital experience of the company was oriented more towards soft-skills, working in the interpersonal and psychological experience of team members. ”

In Orange, the virtual organization charts are based on the strengthening bonds of trust. “It is a manifest decision to work with teams varied in age, route and experience, since this allows generating value. Therefore, work on differences will be a key competition to develop ourselves in this new context“they affirm iProUP from the financial institution.

In this line, Diego Erazo, HR consultant for Auren, highlights iProUP why being diverse is so vital to an organization. “The areas must be rearranged in a matrix way, counting on the multidisciplinary staff according to the type of project and achieving balance to avoid double command, which will help achieve better results in circumstances such as those we will face. “

Care first and foremost

Kimberly-Clark focused on going back to his primary values ​​and, above all, put high careboth of their products like your personal because it handles two different scenarios.

“On the one hand, the plant equipment and distribution centers continue to operate face-to-face mode since we make essential articles. On the other, the sales force and administrative roles they are working 100% in home office format“he affirms iProUP María Barcia, Human Resources Manager for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Marcela Lomba, director of Eveil, affirms iProUP that he hybrid model is more complicated to manage that the absolute virtuality. When we are all working virtually, or all face-to-face, the rules are the same for the whole. ”

the greatest difficulty lies in managing teams in which some people are in the office and others at home

The big challenge: managing mixed work scheme teams, with some employees in the office and others at home

Lomba highlights that “the biggest difficulty lies in team management in which some people are in the office and others in their homes. Some informal decision-making spaces will be retaken there, and those who are in their homes may be excluded. There may be some disparity in communications. This must be managed carefully. ”

Kimberly-Clark refers to “the need to expand the profiles of those who have experience in digital and electronic commerce. This is in line with the market trend, which the current scenario enhances and accelerates, “adds Barcia.

From the eyes of the employees, a complaint that increases with virtuality is the number of meetings which they must attend. “We are already detecting this. We are in an adaptation process, where online meetings are extensive and many people participate“look at iProUP Denise Domínguez, Head of Human Resources at Edison.

María Celeste Garros, Regional Sales Director of Citrix for Latin America, underlines iProUP : “Where before there was a casual conversation on a desk, today there is a video call and the comment when passing a colleague is now a message that, in turn, translates into a new notification and interruption.”

“To this are added the personal alerts of each: the social networks, the family messages, the video calls that came to replace the meetings. This can saturate dependents and communication channels, “he warns.

With this they return to gain space experience designers, because they have a direct influence on productivity. Another of the positions that are now highly valued is that of Project Leader. since it sets the rhythm of the day to day of the company and the teams.

Virtuality is here to stay. We will have to see how each company adapts and, of course, how will adjust their organizational chart models and decision-making in the current times.