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The official application, mandatory to move during quarantine, made some changes to its operation and now requests more information

The CuidAr app is mandatory for all those citizens of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) who, except for being in quarantine, must move to get to their place of work or in case of having managed a special permit.

Now, users should check or not next to the statement: “Work or live with a person who is currently a confirmed case COVID-19And also along with this other: “I spent at least 15 minutes in the last 14 days near a person who is currently a confirmed case of COVID-19.”

According to the Clarín newspaper, these queries were added according to criterion 3 of the “case definition” of the Ministry of Health, which includes as “suspected” of having coronavirus “any person who is a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the presence of one or more of these symptoms: fever (37.5 ° C or more), cough, odynophagia, respiratory distress, newly occurring anosmia / dysgeusia. ”

The app is free to download and serves as a preventive test

Other changes

Another change is that all self-diagnostic queries are now “no” by default. According to official sources, this modification is due to the fact that many people, trying or playing, made mistakes and reported symptoms that they did not have, and then complained, the morning added.

This is because CuidAr is a symptom prevention system. It does a medical triage and if it shows that you could be a suspected case of covid-19, denies the certificate necessary to circulate and instructs the user to stay at home.

To avoid mistakes, now in the self-diagnosis everything is set to “no”, unless the user indicates otherwise. Before sending the responses, the application displays a sign that says: “The information you are sending is an affidavit” and now, in addition, it reviews the symptoms that the user reported. For example: “You are reporting a cough, fever, sore throat, and loss of taste.” This was added to avoid mistakes.

Added more questions to avoid a more accurate result

Added more questions to avoid a more accurate result


The purpose of the application, which is downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the Apple App Store, is to allow self-evaluation of symptoms that could coincide with those of coronavirus. In addition, the app allows, through a code, to generate the Unique Circulation Enabling Certificate (CUHC) that enables the user to move.

In cases where there are no symptoms compatible with covid-19, the app recommends a new test after 48 hours and insists on the need to respect social, preventive and mandatory isolation. If the self-test is positive, the information reaches the health emergency committees of each province and the necessary measures are taken, with eventual medical attention.

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