Today’s horoscope, Wednesday June 24, 2020


Internal recognition day. They manage to face a reality that they will be able to handle wisely. Situation of the past returns reflected in something new. Put yourselves to the test to increase your own security. Knowing that good things can also come back into our lives and that is really a security that we must have. Amplitude.

Color Moment: emerald.


An internal meeting with couples will make them spend different moments that will leave them thinking. Try on this striking day to solve a problem that is in your consciousness. Nothing will be more useful than personal tranquility for good work. The soul always tries to find the spiritual answer, even when reasoning avoids doing so. They will feel the pure sensation of liberation.

Color Moment: sugar.


Don’t worry about new news that might come. Nothing will overflow them, everything can be handled intelligently. A new possibility in the affective plane that will generate excitement and enthusiasm and will make them see that coexistence improves. They analyze the proposal of those close to whom they will see the interesting grain. Learn to search in the possibilities that are within reach.

Color Moment: Cherry.


Nothing escapes the reality that they must stir on the affective plane. The important thing in the day is to try to dialogue. The moments of tension that could be generated by some complications will be the order of the day. Dispel, distend, delegate, pacify. Everything can be talked about, everything can change. This is a day to demonstrate your ability to resolve.

Color Moment: mahogany.


An opening and a new sensation will be felt on the affective plane. Everything could happen if they manage to accept that sometimes they are wrong. The financial reality will make them rethink the continuity of certain projects they have in mind. Life gives us constant tests and asks us for others. We should not despair, it is a learning for all humans. Internal connection and with the Universe.

Color Moment: green Forest.


Full day, gratitude and good cheer. Family relationships progress and shape towards calm. An interesting moment in the workplace, things are clarified and others are corrected. Complimentary comments come to you from those who least expect, giving you some self-esteem and incentive. Appreciate the good things that happen to us, feel that each day we make progress.

Color Moment: rose.


If they could handle intelligence more than emotions, they would see better results on the affective plane and certainly in the other fields of life. The mind handles more things than we imagine. Novelty in the area of ​​activities would give them a better future outlook. They begin to consider having their own ventures. Analyze.

Color Moment: Nile.


A new conversation about a topic that worries you with a family member will give you the respite you have been waiting for a long time. They show that their feeling outweighs their reason when it comes to giving things the deserved value. A project is prosecuted and they seek to be able to materialize it. Knowing how to wait, knowing how to understand that everything is possible when intentions are good.

Color Moment: strong yellow.


The arguments with which they pose problems on the emotional level are clear and should today lead to more dialogue. A dream that comes true on the level of activities will give you relief on the monetary side. Do not postpone calls to be made. Doing things the best we can also does us good internally, the feeling of responsibility is healthy and builds us.

Color Moment: fuchsia.


Their minds wanting to rest from the daily problems of which some are inevitable. Try on this day to do what you can. There is always time even if we don’t believe it. Understand that things are not in one way. There are nuances and they are necessary. Try on this day to do something that allows them to demonstrate their creative capacity.

Color Moment: vanilla.


The improvement on the emotional plane will be due to internal purposes that you yourself are determined to carry out. Satisfaction and the value of friendship by being able to connect and call with friends. A new opportunity to resolve a couple conflict. Take advantage and be grateful that your aspirations are being fulfilled, however small they may be. To recognize and be thankful is to grow.

Color Moment: amethyst.


Something melancholic the day. It would be good to add color to the look, sometimes a little pale. A positive surprise that you will see realized very soon will surprise you and will make you review some negative thoughts that sometimes haunt your mind. They arrive in time to channel a project they had in mind. Creativity. Knowing that life is made by oneself and not by destiny, we certainly have free will.

Color Moment: tangerine.