this project thinks about health with an artistic side

Issues related to health have taken center stage in social, political and economic agendas, both in Argentina and in the world

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken accordingly have caused a series of radical changes in normality that was lived until now. He work, education, medical consultations, outings to shop, all those activities have changed and there is still no sign of a return to the modes and standards that were handled before.

Cultural consumption does not escape this new reality to which many people are still adjusting. In fact, movie theaters, theaters and museums were among the first public establishments to close their doors, precisely because of the movement and agglomeration of people that can house.

That is why since the beginning of the pandemic it has been about think how to continue with the diffusion of products related to culture, so that citizens do not stop consuming. This is necessary and emergent for two reasons. On the one hand, the distraction and the use of free time For the consumption of culture it is key for many people, who used to spend a lot of time going out with that objective. On the other hand, there is many men and women who live from that industry, which is as necessary to reactivate as many others.

That is why since Medifé Foundation they decided accompany a project that aims to bring art and artistic reflection to homes. With the purpose of promoting good living through generation and dissemination of good practices, support the Modern Museum with its Modern Museum at Home Program. Through this initiative the public is invited to reflect on Art and Health.

What can be seen and when?

Reflection will be addressed from various types of content, which can be accessed from various platforms. People in the public will be able to find testimonies, works of artists and editorial and educational proposals, todes related to the same theme and with the idea of ​​positioning itself as a trigger for reflection.

On this occasion, from June 22-28, as mentioned, the topic will be “Health. Poetics of care “. This theme goes right with the current moment; It was chosen precisely because, in recent months, the debates about health have taken a central role on social, political and economic agendas, both locally and worldwide.

He program aims to debate and think about health as much more than the treatments of a disease. The phenomenon that was triggered worldwide by the appearance of Covid-19 has revealed that the health is crossed by a lot of factors they do at your fingertips and duration over time. Personal care, care for the community in which one lives, interpersonal relationships, work, the possibility of going out to do sports, to do recreational activities, among others, are some of the elements that make the health of a person.

He Museum program and promoted by Fundación Medifé aims to think and reflect on health, both today and in the future, when normality begins to return and Many daily habits have changed in the wake of the pandemic.

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