Quarantine affected employment in more than a third of companies in Córdoba and the region

The quarantine implemented by the Covid-19 virus impacted employment for 35 percent of companies in Cordoba and in the region.

Despite the fact that the national government took measures so that isolation does not affect the labor market, 16.2% applied reductions in its workforce and 19% suspended the contracts it had planned for this year, which amounts to 35.2% affecting the workplace.

In contrast, 54.2% did not evaluate modifying their workforce.

The data is provided by a survey made during the quarantine period by Axia Biz Consulting in 142 companies, of which more than 85% are in Córdoba.


According to the study, 67.6% saw their sales drop, while 9.9% registered a positive impact on their turnover; in the rest, 22.5%, the incidence was neutral.

In SMEs with up to 100 employees, the negative incidence extended to 70%, but the positive one also widened to 10.3%.

For the consultancy led by Daniel Scandizzo, this is directly related to the impact on the activity.

16.2% discontinued it completely and 23.9% partially, while 42.5% opted for teleworking and the rest continued with their operations as an essential activity.

When asked about the permanence of the remote work scheme, 31% considered that the quarantine should continue after 27.5% understood it as a modality applicable to critical situations.

In addition to the impact on sales, the quarantine caused a break in the payment chain for 19.9% ​​and the inability to meet commitments for 11.5%.

When asked about the most effective aid that the State needs, 43% of the companies asked for moratoriums, reductions or tax exemptions; 27.4% spoke of low-rate or long-term loans; 16.9% of special aid for the payment of wages and 12.7% of reductions in the public service.