He hit the owner of a Chinese supermarket in the head with a hammer and everything was filmed

The owner of a supermarket reported that a client hit him in the head with a hammer for accusing the wife of taking unpaid products. The assault was on Saturday, in Necochea and everything was recorded in the security cameras of the premises.

The merchant tried to stop a woman when she was leaving the premises to reproach her that she had not gone through the collection box.

A few minutes later, the client returned to the store accompanied by her husband, to whom he gave his version of the situation.

The owner of the premises explained what had happened, but the man, instead of mediating between his wife and the merchant, took out a hammer and hit him on the head.

The victim counted in TSN Necochea: “I called the police and the man became very violent. He hammered my head. I fell to the ground, but people helped me. “

The doctors gave me six stitches to close the wound. I lost a lot of blood. Now I have a headache, “said the merchant, unable to fully believe what happened.