Ginés González García and Fabiola Yáñez delivered the equipment purchased with the proceeds from “Unidos por Argentina”

The first lady Fabiola Yáñez and the Minister of Health Ginés González García delivered this Tuesday part of the purchased supplies with the collection of the special United by Argentina. The elements will be distributed by the Red Cross in different hospitals in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. During the act, Alberto Fernández’s couple was distinguished as an ambassador for the organization.

Yáñez and González García were received by Diego Tipping, the president of the Argentine Red Cross, at the organization’s humanitarian logistics center in Ezeiza, where the supplies were arranged.

The first to make statements was the head of the Health portfolio, which claimed the early implementation of quarantine when affirming that it allowed to save “many lives”. He also highlighted the solidarity of the Argentines and argued that they will have to apply it more than ever at the current stage of the pandemic. “We must take care and respect the slogans to stop the spread of the virus”, he explained.

Then, introducing the first lady, who was the promoter of the television special, Tipping gave her the organization’s vest. “To pass the word on to Fabiola, we wanted to give her the most important thing we have in the Red Cross, which is the distinction of our volunteers with their name, because from now on she is an ambassador, “she said.

For his part, Yáñez thanked the president of the organization for the gesture and for his collaboration with the initiative, and said: “I’m so excited, because today we are seeing what was born as a way of wanting to unite us all, which was the transmission of United by Argentina. I want to thank all the Argentines and the Argentines who participated. Also to the open television channels for having taken this idea and for making it a reality. This was a historic event

United by Argentina it was held on April 5 and raised $ 91,802,915, which were entirely intended for the purchase of supplies for equipping the health system. The elements include 530 volumetric infusion pumps, 300,000 surgical masks and 20,000 overalls for the safety of health teams.

The acquisitions are collected and organized in the space that the Argentine Red Cross has in the Terminal de Cargas Argentina (TCA), ceded by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 in April.

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