Everything you need to know about airfare deals

When there was talk of social distancing for airline passengers in times of COVID-19, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) came out in defense of the airlines, threatening a considerable increase in airline tickets. “The obligation to leave empty seats It would profoundly alter the economy of the airlines by bringing the maximum occupancy below the equilibrium levels for the companies and would force them to increase the fares by up to 54% “, said the international organization that represents the majority of the airlines in the world.

But this pandemic, like politics, demonstrated with its unpredictability that it is “the art of the possible” where the absolute can change to dynamic in a short time. And it was the same IATA a few weeks later that recognized the Argentine government that the companies that resumed their flights around the world did so in large part. with very few passengers and they are currently struggling to raise the level of occupation.

A very good time to plan a trip

Taking the precautions of the case, today is a very good time to plan and contract a trip for when the air borders are opened (until now scheduled for September 1). There are offers in most of the items related to tourism. Tickets, hotels, gastronomy, transfers … Those who decide should be aware of the responsibility involved in undertaking a journey, and take all precautions. Which? Those who already know and have listened to the point: social distance, face mask, handwashing, alcohol gel, etc.

Those who have travel assistance coverage for having a credit card, it is very important consult the issuing bank to find out about the limit amounts, for a possible expansion if necessary, or to hire a travel assistance company. Contracting coronavirus abroad, in addition to the health risk, can pose a serious problem when facing hospital fees.

Those who manage to add desire, availability of time and resources, will find tempting proposals, but for a short time. When people lose their fear of traveling (fear recognized by the Argentine government and airlines around the world), when millions of people regain certainty, confidence and are convinced that the airplane cabin will renewable air (with HEPA filters) guarantees to inhale purer air than an operating room, or the vaccine appears, that will be the time that the airlines seek to partially recover the losses of this fateful 2020, and increase the passages.

Other reasons that encourage travel as soon as possible, is the content value of the dollar, which even with the 30% country tax applied to the officer’s contribution, is far from the price that the green ticket would have next year, we reach no to an agreement with the debt, according to the gurus of the economy. And a few minor details, which stimulate and can push our decision to travel, is to be able pay in several installments, in pesos and the flexibility now offered by airlines and tourism agencies for date changes without penalty.

Today, all Argentines who leave the country on special flights for repatriated or private transfers are obliged to sign a post-pandemic Travel Affidavit where the traveler give your consent. To the point that it says: “I declare to know that the Argentine State will not be able to guarantee my return to the country during the period of time in which international passenger flights from the affected areas are suspended.”

Everything indicates that once the international sanitary air border was lifted, this affidavit would not be necessary. But there is still no firm decision, because in the light of the experience of outbreaks in other countries it is not ruled out that it also happens to us, we must go back and return with the restrictions.

The report of the companies’ revenue management is decisive in the value of the passage

The secret of paying less to travel is in the reports that the management of revenue management they raise to the directory of the companies. They, through the disciplined application of analytical tools (database and booking platform), predict consumer behavior and optimize service availability and price to maximize revenue growth. They increase or decrease the value of demand and availability of seats with a certain forecast.

When they find that a flight to a certain destination with considerable time remaining has low occupancy, they offer it at a tempting price because experience says that if they do not, they leave with several empty seats and may even lose money in that section. This area may propose to unify flights to the same destination because the expected tickets for both have been sold to us. This is called “consolidating flights”, where passengers on the first flight are transferred to the one that leaves later for the same city. Managers experienced in revenue management They are highly valued in the industry, their effective performance can represent substantial profits to airlines.