electric vehicles prepare to be all the rage

Given the fear of traveling again by public transport as a result of the coronavirus, the business of bikes and electric skateboards, advances as a first option, to supplant people’s trips to work, in a safer and healthier way.

In terms of mobility, it is no longer news that a more sustainable world is coming, of electric batteries and other ways of moving within cities, which were accelerated by the Covid-19.

A recent survey of Adecco, affirms that almost half of Argentine workers (46.74%) will avoid using public transportation when they can resume their work routines.

Since Roll Electric, a company that manufactures and markets electric vehicles, with main offices in La Plata and CABA, maintain that during the quarantine they experienced a growth in sales of 230%.

Cities must add new forms of urban mobility.

“To avoid close contact with other people, many will be turning to one-person electric transport, leaving public transport aside,” says Juan Martín Savage, founder of Rodar Electric.

And he adds: “If the state provides access to financing without so many requirements, really this type of mobility can be imposed and stay forever. Unfortunately, due to fear of Covid-19, but for the benefit of our business, people quickly began to inquire about these types of products, reinforcing the growth that the market had been experiencing ”,

What should be taken into account when buying a bike?

  1. Obvious but important: knowing how to ride a bicycle.
  2. Look for quality, since it is a transport that will walk on the street daily.
  3. That the battery has the autonomy to cover the distance you need to travel daily.
  4. That the shot is comfortable for you as it will surely be your new means of mobility.
  5. Wear a protective helmet and padlock to prevent theft.
  6. Have a post sale service and guarantee.
  7. Optionally it can be insured against theft.

Technical details

The autonomy is from 25 to 55 kilometers; the lithium battery, which recharges in any traditional outlet such as a cell phone or notebook, and lasts between 800 and 1,000 full charge and discharge cycles (approximately 30,000 km or 3 and a half years of useful life).

The maintenance cost of an electric bicycle is nil, since its motors are free of brushes and gears; its maintenance is equal to that of a conventional bicycle (brake adjustments and changes). They have no patent, parking, fuel costs and no driver’s license is needed.


There are already electrical appliance companies, and even cars, entering the industry. Electric bike models start at around $68,000 a $200,000; shipments are made throughout the country and the guarantee is 12 months on all products; It can be paid with Mercado Pago, transfer or credit cards.

Investment, billing and plans

In an investment round raised a million dollars; by 2020 they expect to bill 120 million pesos and in 2021, reach 200 million pesos.

They have already sold more than 689 electric bikes so far in 2020 and they aim to reach 1500 in December. They are already developing their first electric skateboard and plan to launch it in the spring. They started in a 3 × 8 meter garage and today they have almost 1,000 m2 of workshop; premises in La Plata and Microcentro, one block from the obelisk. In addition to manufacturing and marketing, they now also provide service for all types of one-person electric vehicles.

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Skateboards will also gain an important place in cities.

Roll Electric It started manufacturing the first electric bicycle in Latin America, although a few years ago they also added the concept of empowering and reusing the conventional bikes that we have in our homes and turning them into e-bikes.

“I like to see him as the iPod. There are many devices for listening to music such as electric kits, but the simplicity of the Ge Road is not achieved in any, it fits perfectly on any type of bicycle just by changing the front wheel, it can travel several kilometers without getting tired and get to work without perspiring and converts to the bike in an electric vehicle with an assisted pedaling system ”, concludes Savage.

Date published: Jun 24, 2020