Coronavirus: The Army is deployed to reinforce controls on the Salta-Bolivia border

The Government authorized the Argentinian army to strengthen controls in the border with Bolivia. The decision was announced this Wednesday by the Salta president Gustavo Sáenz. It is a preventive measure against the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in the neighboring country.

“According to what we request from the National Government, today the presence of Argentine Army troops was authorized on the border of our province“The president communicated on Twitter.

Reportedly, chores security and defense in the provincial limit will be carried out coordinated form between the Army, National Gendarmerie and the Salta Police.

However, the governor indicated that controls are difficult in the case of the Bolivian city of Yacuiba, which borders Salvador Mazza, whose International crossing was closed on Tuesday. “There are more than 25 kilometers of border and more than 60 clandestine and illegal crossings“He explained. Meanwhile, he warned that the scenario is the same in Aguas Blancas, in Oran.

According to the newspaper Duty, it was precisely on the border of Salvador Mazza where the first troops were deployed sent to Salta. The military, belonging to the Monte 28 Infantry Regiment, arrived Tuesday on board a helicopter and were placed in the so-called “hot zones” of the region.

For its part, the town of White Waters, border with Bermejo, will also feature largest military presence since Friday, when the arrival of troops from the national forces is expected.

The members of the Argentine Army currently deployed in the region have participated since 2018 in the Operation “North Integration”, which aims to train and provide logistical support to the security forces and assist the civilian population with health, food and infrastructure campaigns.

Although the initiative gathers military troops in Misiones, Jujuy and Formosa, the units will be concentrated this week in Salta, where Dozens of soldiers will be transferred to reinforce border controls.