Coronavirus | Sergio Berni, in “Telenoche”: “You have to have a plan here until September”

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security is one of the critical voices on how the quarantine was relaxed. He even assured that, in the suburbs, quarantine never existed for much of the neighbors. Sergio Berni spoke with Telenoche and he made firm his position to restrict the amount of people on the street. But there was talk of something that so far only one official had said. “You have to have a plan here until September”, assured.

A week ago, Nicolás Kreplak, vice minister of Buenos Aires, had said: “I buy a quarantine until September 15.” Now Berni himself said that until that month, isolation with more or less flexibility should be considered.

“Quarantine as such ceased to exist, that is why the cases skyrocketed as we see”he asserted. He also added that to this “the climatic factor is going to be added”. It is for this reason that Berni spoke of September as the key month for the virus to be contained and the quarantine that began on March 20 can be definitely relaxed.

On the other hand, he pointed to the responsibility of the neighbors when it comes to obeying what the Government claims. “The success of this happens through the collective victory. If we have an increase in infections it is because there is an increase in activity,” he said. And to graph what he thinks he quoted Juan Domingo Perón: “The only truth is reality, and the reality is that people circulate on the street”. He also assured that the only group that strictly respects quarantine is the most affected, the over 65s.

“When we have to carry out a mission, we carry it out,” he said when asked about how the controls will be applied if, as expected, they will have to be multiplied. “With these numbers we are going to collapse”, He insisted on the growth of the contagion curve and the number of beds that the province of Buenos Aires has. Although it was blunt with respect to September as the month to which you must aim, you concluded: “Society has 15 more credit days.”