Coronavirus in Argentina | Seven people died from COVID-19 in a nursing home in Villa Urquiza

Seven people died from coronavirus in a nursing home in Villa Urquiza, in the City of Buenos Aires. At the residence, 30 older adults and 15 employees got COVID-19. The outbreak occurred at a facility located at Roosevelt 5570, and the relatives of the residents say there was “negligence” on the part of the authorities.

The granddaughter of a resident who died of the disease said in dialogue with TN explained that the chain of infections began through employees. Paola said that they were notified on May 28 that a worker had COVID-19 and that they would only do the swabbing of their colleagues, because they did not believe it necessary to perform the test on residents because it would have been “traumatic.”

On June 5 they isolated her, and two days later they referred her to the Churruca Hospital. He died on June 13, and it was on that day that all residents and employees of the residence were tested.

The granddaughter of one of the victims said they have photos that prove that in the center social distancing was not respected, one of the main measures to reduce the possibility of contagion of the virus.

He rejected the version of the authorities, who said that they acted according to the corresponding protocols. “If you did everything right, Why did what happened? They said it was traumatic to hisoping the residents, which is not true, “he said.

This is the nursing home where the seven deaths occurred

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