Coronavirus in Argentina: Esquel works to start the winter season in August

In a year in which the tourism It is counted as one of the activities most affected by the pandemic, the localities of the country that annually receive the highest flow of winter visitors, aim to save the season. In the case of Esquel, the focus is on August.

The city’s Secretary of Tourism Mariano Riquelme, assured this Wednesday that the winter season could start a month later than usual. Although he was cautious due to the confirmation of coronavirus cases in several cities of the province.

“If the evolution of the pandemic It is favorable at the provincial level and the sanitary conditions, we think about a tourist opening of this area for August, “the official explained in statements to Active Radio, by FM El Chubut.

In this sense, Riquelme insisted that the authorities follow with special attention the advance of infections in the area of ​​the provincial coast. “Especially in the cities of Commodore Rivadavia, Trelew, Puerto Madryn and Rawson, that in the framework of a local tourism are the main sending centers of visitors to this destination, to make a final decision, “he said.

Esquel is one of the cities that brings together the most visited ski centers in Argentina. (Photo: Turismo Esquel).

He also assured that the situation in these cities, where in recent days new positive cases of COVID-19 were registered, “slowed down that we had in mind regarding enabling different tourist activities. “

In the event of the start of the winter season in August, as planned, the official clarified that, however, the development will not be the usual, since strict preventive measures must be respected to avoid infections. “For example, we thought about opening the ski center weekends or three days a week and limit other tourist services for reasons of health security“Riquelme clarified.

Esquel, like most of the country, already bars reopened to the public, restaurants, confectioneries and breweries, all with safety and hygiene protocols.

The city is one of those that brings together ski centers most visited in Argentina each season, both by foreigners and locals. The goal, at least this year, will target internal movement.