Airlines launch unpublished offers for post pandemic

The main airlines operating in Latin America are already fighting for the passengers who will return to the skies after the end of the pandemic

The Airlines they suffered an almost complete standstill due to the imposition of severe quarantines in almost all of Latin America. This is why companies are currently eager to fly again and a has already been unleashed bidding battle to attract potential passengers.

In fact, many of the promotions that are now beginning to emerge would have been unthinkable before the pandemic. “Flexibility” seems to be the hottest concept in deals, allowing dates and destinations to be changed without additional charges, and even promising juicy deals.

In fact, as he pointed out iProfessionalThere are already several airlines that anticipated the return of flights to and from Argentina.

European and US airline deals

The Spanish Iberia, which operates most of the routes linking Latin America with Europe, promotes a “flexibility of flights due to the evolution of the coronavirus” and offers its customers to process a voucher for the amount of the ticket to customers who had purchased it before May 28, 2020, indicates Sputnik.

Vouchers offered by the airline allow users to reschedule their flights until December 31, 2021. While before the pandemic changing the date and destination of a flight carried fines, the airline now offers to change the date without costs or restrictions and even change the holder of the flight or divide the total amount of the bonus in more than one ticket.

Iberia will fly again to several Spanish destinations and the rest of Europe from July 1.

The also Spanish Air Europe, meanwhile, announces that all flights purchased since May 1 include “free date changes”. The company also urges customers who were unable to travel due to the pandemic to exchange their vouchers for other flights and promotes a 50% discount for those who do so before the end of June and fly before December 15, 2020.

Air Europa, a Spanish woman with a strong presence in Latin America.

The American American Airlines it also offers “waiver of the fee for changes to new or existing tickets that have been purchased until June 30 to travel until September 30, 2020.” The mechanism even enables changing the cities of origin and destination of the flights, provided that the trip is completed before December 31, 2021.

Flights: what the region’s airlines offer

Latin American airlines follow the same trend and offer similar promotions. “Unlimited free changes!” Highlights an enthusiastic announcement on the website of the Colombian-flagged airline Avianca.

The company offers “multiple changes without penalty or fare difference” to passengers traveling before October 31, 2020. Those who do so after November will only have one flight change without penalty.

Cup, the Panamanian flag airline, will fly again on August 11. At the same time that it allows you to book tickets with cheaper prices than usual, it offers two ways to change already purchased flights. One allows you to keep the ticket to travel to the same destination before December 31, 2021 and without additional charges. The other option grants a bonus with 20% additional value to those who have tickets purchased before April 22.

The region's airlines start engines and launch offers.

The region’s airlines start engines and launch offers.

Latam, which recently announced that it will stop flying in Argentina, offers “more security and flexibility than ever” on its flights and allows you to change dates and destinations without paying fines to those who have purchased tickets before May 20. Those who did so after that date can even change the destination without having to pay a fare difference, with December 2021 for those with trips in 2020 or 12 months after departure for those traveling in 2021.

For tickets purchased now, the airline also offers a date change without penalty. In these cases, the passenger will have to pay the difference in fare in case he decides to change the destination.

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