VICENTIN, SUBSIDIES and DOLLAR: UIA receives the Government

The meeting will be with Minister Kulfas after the flag of the weekend. The agenda includes ATP, Christmas bonus, dollar and signature closings.

The Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) will hold a virtual meeting on Tuesday with Matías Kulfas in the middle of a still tense climate for the conflict in Vicentin. The appointment called at 10 will be his first face to face by zoom with the Minister of Productive Development after the flag of the weekend that overturned in the streets the discomfort of inland towns and the red circle before the state intervention and eventual expropriation of the oil company in bankruptcy and suspected of fraud for a debt of US $ 1,500 million. That topic is very likely to come up at the executive committee meeting led by Miguel Acevedo, also concerned about the subsidies, the dollar restrictions and company closings.

Kulfas will thus have the opportunity to listen to the popes of the factory, whose latest statement – in a moderate tone – ignited the anger of a wide nucleus against state interference, headed by the “frontman” of Techint, Luis Betnaza. Restless at political exhaustion, the government withdrew its expropriation plan and accompanied the governor’s proposal from Santa Fe Omar Perotti to replace public auditors displaced by Justice and add to the province, a project for which it also seeks business support, from cooperatives and rural entities. “We already said what we had to say in the statement, the intervention has to be done within the framework of the division of powers, there is something for the judges he claimed last night to iProfessional one of the entity’s vice presidents, Daniel Funes from Rioja.

In addition to Acevedo and Funes de Rioja, the participation of Martin Rapallini, Adrian Kaufmann Brea, David Uruburu and Guillermo Moretti, among other members of the small table of the UIA that last week agreed with the official to have contact again. One of the topics of the talk will be cut attendance to companies (ATP). The Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, Anticipated yesterday to Funes de Rioja that ATP will continue in June and July in the companies of up to 800 employees although will not cover half of the salaries up to a cap of $ 33,750. On the other hand, Moroni endorsed agreements with the unions for split the Christmas bonusBut the businessmen insist on a rule that protects them from possible sanctions in the face of the CGT’s refusal to validate it in a general agreement.

The Government seeks support in the private sector to intervene Vicentin and displace the replacement directors for Justice.

In today’s video conference, industrialists may also ask the minister for explanations on the latest measures and incidentally clear the fear of “chavization” stoked from the opposition, the Liaison Table and the emissaries of Paolo Rocca. That is also the intention of the more dialogical wing -and Peronist- of the executive committee integrated among others by José Urtubey and Moretti. In this sector they recognize official “errors”, but they believe that the situation has changed since the Executive submitted to the judicial system to request a new displacement of the Vicentin directory, despite the validity of the intervention decree. “All these extreme positions are moderated when there are meetings with officials, the official proposal it is now closer to the legality request (from the UIA)“said a leader of that entity.

Since the official announcement, the open crack sparked sparks in all regional business union, including the Industrial Federation of Santa Fe (Fisfe). There, in the province that concentrates the oil company’s assets, the board of directors sent a wink to the government yesterday On the same day that Héctor Vicentin, a shareholder of the company, rejected Perotti’s proposal because he considered it a “light expropriation” and the Provincial General Inspection of Justice (IGJP) denounced four directors for the alleged emptying of their patronage since January. In this framework, the Fisfe alerted bydire consequences that its eventual bankruptcy, scrapping or foreign ownership would provoke for hundreds of producers; small and medium-sized industries that are part of its value chain; and thousands of workers, “so defended a “comprehensive approach” of the problem taking into account “the role and defense of public banking

The pronouncement of the third industrial pole in the country became known after strong tugs with many of the cameras affiliated to the federation who barely heard Fernández mention the word “expropriation” came out with the end caps. As in Córdoba, it is about Agro-industrial enclaves marked by fire by 125. With the difference that 95% of factories in Santa Fe are SMEs and Vicentin is on the podium of the powerful alongside the steelmaker Acindar, the automotive General Motors and the exporters Cargill, Dreyfus, Bunge, Cofco and AGD, Acevedo’s company. That weight has its counterpart in Fisfe, whose vice president is the director of the bankrupt company, Alberto Padoán, who yesterday did not participate in the meeting.

In Santa Fe, Vicentin joins the podium of the powerful along with the steelmaker Acindar, the automaker General Motors and agro-exporters.

With no desire to mobilize their bases or unions for now, the Government seeks neutralize the campaign against them through increased dialogue with the private sector. Within the manufacturing plant are those who show more concerned about “taking the conflict off the street” than by Cristina Kirchner’s influence on the economy. Especially at times when the country is heading towards the dreaded peak of the pandemic – 2,000 cases were exceeded yesterday – and the authorities are advancing in new restrictions, with an impact on activity. The April data released yesterday by the manufacturing plant showed a 30% year-on-year drop, the largest since 1994, and a recoil in the number of employers (3,063) and workers (38,000) compared to last year.

Industrialists will discuss this issue with Kulfas and will take the opportunity to share the disturbing results of the survey carried out between June 3 and 10. The study among 700 companies showed a slight recomposition due to the reopening of activities, but also raised an alarm because 38% of those surveyed stated that, if the same conditions were maintained in the next three months, they could close their businesses.

The other stress factor is the latter obstacles to accessing dollars and import, which caused a virtual paralysis of foreign trade. The Central Bank demanded not to have operated with CCL or MEP dollar in the last 90 days. But the businessmen managed to get them reviewed in exchange for disarming positions. Today they will look for more details on the new scheme.

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