They fear that 25% of the gyms in Córdoba will be closed permanently: the demand of the House that nucleates them

In the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, gyms and functional centers are having a difficult time, since they have not been able to open their doors since the pandemic began, except for specific cases in the provincial interior where activities such as yoga and pilates were enabled.

The Córdoba Chamber of Gyms issued a statement stating that “14,500 jobs” are at stake and that the sector “is at a critical and inflexible moment for its continuity.”

“Currently and after 90 days in Social and Preventive Isolation, 8% of the 175 associates of the Chamber have closed definitively. If this percentage is replicated at the provincial level, we estimate a final closure representative of 25% of continuing the current situation of inactivity, “added the statement.

In this sense, the Chamber asked the authorities “urgently and unavoidably to intervene in the progressive and gradual opening of gyms, functional centers, CrossFit Box, Zumba Rooms”.

Previously they had held meetings with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Córdoba Sports Agency in the months of May and June, in addition to notes presented to the owners of the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

“In parallel, a Hygiene and Biosafety Protocol endorsed by a relevant professional, submitted in due time and form to the authorities of the COE, was managed by the Institution before government entities. By means of which procedures were established for the reopening that safeguard the health of the community, “the statement said.

“Thanks to the presentation of the protocol and the reports issued by our Institution, the progressive opening in the interior of the Province of Córdoba (white areas) of activities such as pilates and yoga was approved,” the party adds.

On the end, he maintains that the sector “reached its limit point”.

“For this reason, we urgently request a response in relation to the progressive and gradual reopening of the rest of the activities nucleated by our Chamber, with the corresponding protocols throughout the Province of Córdoba. Noting that one more day of inactivity and closed businesses is a devastation for the sector’s economy, “concludes the press release