The “quarantine halloween” of a family: they spend their isolation disguised as characters from series and movies

Find the return to these days of isolation by the coronavirus it became one of the challenges of many Argentine families. And this is what the Arévalo did, who live in the Buenos Aires town of Carapachay, who began to dress up as characters from series and movies to make more bearable on weekends.

They started on a Saturday dressing as elegant as possible to share dinner. But they redoubled the bet and every weekend they put themselves in the shoes of the most famous actors. They started with “Coco”, followed with “The Simpsons”, “Los Locos Adams”, “El Chavo” and even “Scary Movie”.

“It started as a game for have fun with each other. We take pictures of ourselves and share them with our friends. The video calls continued and the repercussion was so great that we decided to open an account on social networks, where many people left us beautiful comments, “Mariel told TN and The People.

The Arévalo family in one of their first performances. (Photo: Instagram / @ familiarevalo).

They They are five: Mariano, the dad; Mariel, the mom; Camila and Julieta, the daughters; and Federico, the latter’s boyfriend who caught her quarantine in that house and passes isolation with them.

So they were able to break the monotony of day to day and they spend the whole week sewing the costumes they will wear over the weekend. One of those Saturdays they had ordered food and the delivery arrived when they were dressed up. They had no choice but to open the door surprise the dealer and record the reaction.

The Arévalo interpreting the characters of El Chavo. (Photo: Intagram / @familiarevalo).
The Arévalo interpreting the characters of El Chavo. (Photo: Intagram / @familiarevalo).

“We make the costumes with things we have at home. For example, to make El Chavo’s cap, we use a coat from our little dog. We we paint the face to look as much as possible and we help each other. During the week we rehearsed what part we each have “, the woman explained.

The repercussion of their characters was so great that they decided to open a family Instagram (@familiarevalo) where they upload their performances.

Los Arévalo as Los Locos Adams. (Photo: Instagram / @ familiarevalo).
Los Arévalo as Los Locos Adams. (Photo: Instagram / @ familiarevalo).

The truth is that this family managed to break the routine and thanks to good humor the funniest days pass. From Monday to Friday they work, so they look forward to Saturdays. They still don’t know which characters will play the next weekend, but they will surely surprise their followers with more humor.

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