The ex-AFI agent arrested denied having illegally spied on Cristina Kirchner

Federal judge Federico Villena ordered a raid on Escobar on Monday at the house of Dalmiro Dalmau Pereyra, the former director of Counterintelligence of the AFI who occupied in the first years of Cambiemos the place that he knew how to have Horacio Antonio “Jaime” Stiuso until the end of 2014, when Kirchnerism withdrew it. According to judicial sources, Villena ordered the search of Dalmau Pereyra’s house for evidence that may have to do with the cause of the illegal espionage that he is holding.

Dalmau Pereyra has not been a defendant in the case until now. Nor is it clear from now on. Career agent at the spy center, he rose to the Counterintelligence headquarters with the management of Cambiemos on the recommendation of Silvia Majdalani, number 2 in the AFI of Cambiemos. However, in 2018, he decided to leave the agency and request the pass to do tasks in Chile.

It was Alan Ruiz -a policeman who had previously gone through the Ministry of Security with Patricia Bullrich looking for fugitives-, who by that time had entered the former SIDE and was in charge of the “Special Operations” division, a position that until that time moment did not exist. In practical terms, they said in the corridors of the AFI, it was Ruiz who went on to become in practice the leader of Counterintelligence. He formed a team, grouped into a group of whatsapps called “Super Mario Bross” and where much of the evidence that they now blame as crimes was accumulated.

Villena’s investigation was born with the statements of a drug trafficker, Sergio “Verdura” Rodríguez and that he unraveled a spy network that had as victims, among others, the vice president Cristina Kirchner, the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the former legislators of the PRO Nicolás Massot and Emilio Monzó and the former governor María Eugenia Vidal.

“They were so vigilant that they spied on each other,” said Pablo Moyano, who was in court today to find out the evidence of their follow-ups, while his father Hugo (also a victim) learned by zoom what he was telling them. He thus asked that former President Mauricio Macri and his Security Minister Patricia Bullrich parade through the court as defendants. “With the little helmet, as they plagued the comrades, he said.

Today, while explaining the cause to Moyano, Villena ordered the Airport Security Police to raid Dalmau Pereyra’s house in Escobar. They were going to look cell phones, electronic equipment or any common phone book, flash drive or notebook that may be related to the investigation you have in your hands.

The judge justified the procedure in lThe institutional gravity of the cause and the “multiplicity of people” that they had participated in this illegal espionage, many of them officials or agents of different security forces. As he pointed out, like several of the agents involved –Leandro Araque, Facundo Melo and Jorge Sáez– They reported that their superior, “with a hierarchical ranking more imposing than Alan Ruiz would be Diego Luis Dalmau Pereyra” arranged to go and look for material at his house, as he had done with the others involved.

According to the version given by Jorge “Turco” Sáez, one of the investigated, Dalmau would have decided to withdraw from SIDE after a meeting with former AFI director Gustavo Arribas. According to this version, Dalmau brought him a folder with a series of efficient works that they had done in the first years of his administration. But, according to Sáez, Arribas would have told him that he was not interested in police work and that you had to start doing “political work”. The folder on police work remained in Dalmau’s possession, according to Sáez in the Senate annex.

Precisely, Dalmau Pereyra is summoned for tomorrow in the Permanent Bicameral Commission for the Control of Organizations and Intelligence Activities. They were also waiting for Martín Terra, a former partner of Analía Maiorana, wife of Diego Santilli and hired by the AFI during the Cambiemos administration, but they had not been able to notify him.

Now the former AFI chief of Special Operationsdenied having carried out illegal espionage tasks at the Instituto Patria and at Cristina Kirchner’s house. In inquiry, assured that these proceedings were authorized in the context of a case brought by judge Villena.

With this statement, Ruiz sought to deny the witnesses of reserved identity who on Friday had said that they did not know where they had been sent when they went to the proceedings. He also denied that they had been watching if they moved bags or took out documentation just when the cause of the notebooks exploded. “The agents assigned knew exactly what they had gone to. They were observation posts ”within the framework of a cause to prevent terrorist acts, Ruiz said.

Precisely, the confidential identity testimonies were those that accelerated his arrest on Saturday afternoon. Without firing upwards, as it was speculated when it became known that he wanted to testify, Ruiz assured that each diligence he carried through went through different divisions of the spy center and derived in the legal area the details of the diligences. “They were orders developed within the framework of total legality. They were ordered within the framework of a judicial process, “he stressed.

According to the sources consulted by this means, Alan Ruiz refused to promptly answer certain documents or the recording made by other AFI agents, where he was heard talking about legal coverage to carry out some operations, among them those of the Patria Institute.

His defense, in charge of Leandro Sion Ensani, assured that these recordings were not even expert and it is not known if it is the voice of his client that appears there or the material could have been edited.

Ruiz is accused of violating the intelligence law and falsifying a public document. His defense asked for his release, which will now be consulted with the prosecutor. Cecilia Incardona, in charge of the investigation; and it turns out by the federal judge Juan Pablo Augé.

In this case, the behind-the-scenes of what happened in August 2018, when three people were in a car in the block of Instituto Patria, headquarters of Christianity, monitoring the movements, is investigated. When a traffic police officer asked for documents, they were spies. The car belonged to AFI.

With a complaint in federal justice by Kirchnerism, the judge Marcelo Martínez De Giorgi He listened to the explanations that they gave at the time from the AFI: they assured that they were doing intelligence tasks ordered by Judge Villena in the case for pre-G20 attacks and that the target was not CFK or its relatives. Judge Martínez De Giorgi telephoned the existence of this case in Lomas de Zamora and Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani were dismissed. However, last February, the AFI appeared to denounce that all this would have been a set-up to justify criminal actions not legally authorized.