Quarantine | The hairdressers, disappointed after the meeting with the Buenos Aires government: “It will be difficult for us to reopen”

A group of hairdressers It was received this Monday by the Buenos Aires government, to which they presented a protocol to resume activity almost 100 days after the start of the quarantine, which forced them to close their stores. After a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development José Luis Giusti, the workers were disappointed. “It will be very difficult for us to open”they claimed.

In dialogue with TN, Barber Fabio Cuggini said: “We came to raise a more austere protocol, for all those neighborhood hairdressers, and honestly we were very disappointed. “

Unlike previous proposals made by merchants in the sector, he said that the text presented to Giusti take into account the smaller venues, which in many cases do not have the possibility of making structural reforms or accessing certain prevention teams. “Sometimes our colleagues are a little unscrupulous”he assured.

However, he considered that despite the critical situation that hairdressers are going through, the possibility of their reopening being enabled in the short term seems remote. “I think it will be very difficult for us to open. We are in full swing. They don’t want to say it, but you can see their faces. I’m leaving sad and disappointed “he sentenced.

Finally, he stated that workers in the sector “they are having a bad time” and warned that, in many cases, the restrictions imposed by the Executive branch lead to the clandestine development of the activity. “Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease, because they are cutting their hair at home, and the infections are bigger “he declared.

For his part, the hairdresser Ruben Orlando, who also participated in the meeting with the Buenos Aires government, said: “It was a disaster, so I tell all my colleagues in the country that if they were planning to close the hairdressing salon, they should close it. Don’t waste any more time “.

Like Cuggini, he maintained that after the meeting he has little hope that his order will prosper. “They did not give us even five balls. They attended us to attend and those who had to be were not there”, he pointed.

In addition to Cuggini and Orlando, the hairdresser attended the meeting. Sebastián Hernández, whose business is close to closing. “I have a shop in Palermo that represents the neighborhood salons, many of which have already closed. At the country level, 20% of the locals have already closed. The truth is that we want to reopen. We expected a positive response. We need the reopening now. “he stated.