Pure fury and speed: the first video of Mike Tyson training on a ring for his return to boxing


Mike Tyson he has no doubts: he wants to fight again. Despite his 53 years, the American has been working for weeks so that this year he can get into the ring in an exhibition match and be able to demonstrate to the world that he still maintains the qualities he knew how to demonstrate during the late 1980s and early 1990s. that allowed him to become the youngest world heavyweight champion in history.

Although it is still unknown who his rival will be, the former boxer has his head on his return and sometimes shares some of his training with his millions of fans. On this occasion, he published on his social networks a video of less than a minute where its speed and strength can be appreciated. In addition, the detail is that this is the first recording he makes on the ring.

Although in the video he directs his punches towards an assistant who is only dedicated to taking blows, it is clear that Iron Mike still has the touch that led him to maximum glory. In turn, the publication compiles moments from various practices, as he is seen dressed in different clothes in some scenes that really look like movies.

Tyson, 53, has remarked that his return to the sport of gloves has two objectives: one personal and the other in solidarity. The first of them is to demonstrate to himself that he has left behind the dark stage of his life in which he surrounded himself with parties, drugs and alcohol, a period that had led to depression and overweight. The second seeks to collect money to donate to people on the street, as he made clear in several interviews.

Mike Tyson’s physical change for his return to boxing (Infobae)

In May the legendary athlete assured that will not face his former rival and compatriot Evander Holyfield in exhibition combat, which will mark his return to the ring after 15 years. Days later Holyfield himself explained that there was no agreement due to the simple fact that he wanted the fight not to have a winner, but Tyson does intend for someone to win.

“We have so many guys who want to do this. We are on calls, doing business with candidate boys right now. You will not believe the names when they are released. This week we will have the contract finished“He declared Iron mike, without giving certainty about his potential rival. “I’m not looking for knockouts and I’m not going for more than three three-minute rounds. We will do it properly. But I will be in good shape. And if someone thinks they are going to hit me, I don’t want them to think that I am not going to hit back“He explained back then in an interview with the rapper Lil Wayne on his radio show Young Money.

In June, Shannon Briggs, 48, reported that he reached an agreement to be his opponent: “Tyson and I are going to tie the gloves, we’re going to rumble, rumble in the jungle. We are going to let our fists speak ”, he assured in a chat he had with a fan on Instagram, but this was never official. The American was world heavyweight champion in 2005 and retired in 2016 with a shocking record of 60 wins (53 by knockout), 6 losses and one draw.

Tyson is currently leading a cannabis growing project in California (Shutterstock) (Aurora Rose / Shutterstock /)

It has been 15 years after Tyson’s last official fight, the defeat against Kevin McBride in 2005. The dissemination of his videos training, rehearsing punches and in an enviable physical condition, within days of turning 54, ignited his fans, although it also activated the alarms of several experts that indicate that this event could be fatal.

One of them was Bob Arum, promoter of the current champion Tyson Fury, who acknowledged that he received a call to organize the fight and chose to desist: “It is something serious, I will not participate in something that could be really fatal”, he pointed out in dialogue with Sky Sports. “Mike Tyson was a great fighter, he is now over 50 years old. He doesn’t go and fight really seriously against a guy who is at the peak of his career in his 30s. That is not right and no one should encourage it. “He insisted in a tone concerned about what it could mean for Mike Tyson to measure himself against the best boxer of the moment.


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