Paladini joins the industries that “deliver” their products

Santa Fe Paladini joined the batch of food industries that put together a direct distribution channel to the consumer, in this case through delivery.

The cold cuts and sausages maker announced that it will launch a service via telephone so that consumers can stock up without leaving their homes.

The service allows you to choose between two combos, one for chilled and fresh products and the other for frozen products, which will be delivered by the company itself or its distributors.

As announced by the firm, the delivery it is available in Córdoba (351 574-6786); Rosario and Villa Gobernador Gálvez (341 250-9611); La Plata (221 638-7581) and Villa Regina, in Río Negro (298 432-4542).

The service includes priority care for people over 60 years old or belonging to risk groups.

Other food industries also engaged in the development of their own channels, beyond traditional retail, as is the case of Arcor, which did so through electronic commerce.

Arcor already has its own “e-commerce”: when it starts in Córdoba and how it works

As explained by Marcelo Díaz, manager of Strategic Planning and Marketing at Paladini, the company is evaluating taking this modality to the national level.

“The delivery service in several cities means that we can reach more consumers with our products without having to leave their homes,” Díaz explained.