Coronavirus in Chihuahua: infections continue with 16 new cases and six deaths

Narrative | 2020 June 23, Tuesday

In Chihuahua The number of people infected with coronavirus has been reduced thanks to the 29 discharges that have occurred today, leaving the region with 163 active cases. In total, they have been infected 2,638 people and today they have registered 16 new infections, according to the latest official data corresponding to June 23.

However, the number of people who have died due to contagion by Sars-Cov-2 it is 563, after confirming the death of six people this Tuesday, according to the latest data.

Mexico registers 22,584 deaths from COVID-19, 759 more than in the last day

According to the latest data, Mexico continue with 23,155 active cases COVID-19 after confirmation 4,577 new positives and 4,888 discharges this Tuesday. Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of infected has risen to 185,122, with 139,383 recovered and 22,584 deceased.

Most affected places in Mexico

The regions of Mexico who are being more affected by the coronavirus crisis are:

  • Mexico City, with 42,903 infections (+424 new positives) and 5,515 deaths, the region with the highest figures at this time.
  • Mexico state, with 29,424 infections (+919 new confirmed cases) and 3,415 Dead people.
  • Tabasco, with 8,715 infections (+326 new cases) and 909 dead.

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