Coronavirus in Argentina: from Chaco crossed the border ten times without permission and infected his girlfriend from Corrientes

A Chaco municipal employee He infected his girlfriend with coronavirus, who lives in Corrientes. Now the authorities discovered that the man had managed to cross the border at least 10 times between the two provinces despite the authorities having rejected the authorization.

The undersecretary of Systems and Information Technology Federico Ojeda, had a dialogue with LT7 Currents: “Unfortunately he came to Corrientes, permission did not have. You are subject to investigation as you did to cross the bridge more than 10 times and the last time, on June 12 “, on this date the contagion would have occurred.

According to Ojeda, the worker from the Municipality of Resistencia had asked for a permit but it was denied because “he had no way of proving why he would come to the city of Corrientes

In this sense, the undersecretary explained that on the permit application page there is a tab that corresponds to public officials, but that in these cases also must justify the need to cross.

Corrientes authorities managed to keep track of the number of times this Chaco municipal employee crossed the Manuel Belgrano bridge, since due to controls which are made who and what time happens, with your complete data and ID.

The infected woman lives in a building downtown of the city of Corrientes together with his son, three years old. In this case, the protocol was activated and 50 people were tested for coronavirus who live in the same tower, as reported Data Chaco.

The boy had no symptoms, but was in close contact with his father, who also had to isolate himself. The man told local media that will criminally denounce the employee chaqueño “so that this does not go unpunished”.

“I had to do some mental work to get over the news, to know that My baby was at risk, he did not swab it because he is very small, I was in contact with him and with many people, “revealed the boy’s father and reported that his ex-boyfriend’s boyfriend” had been crossing long ago, in the midst of quarantine. “

The worker from the Municipality of Resistencia made his discharge through Facebook, where he told: “From the moment I found out about the remote possibility (of having coronaviruses), because I had met someone who until now had not confirmed the result, already I decided to isolate myselfIn addition, he assured: “Do not falsify any permission to go to Corrientes “.

As he revealed, he learned that his partner could be positive for COVID-19 only on the 14th, when he decided to isolate himself in his department of Resistencia. But on the 12th he had visited his girlfriend.

On June 16, two 18-year-old teenagers from Chaco they crossed the Paraná river by boat to see their boyfriends who live in Corrientes. This was reported by Commissioner César Fernández, head of the Corrientes Police Metropolitan Directorate, who quickly activated the protocol after receiving a call to 911 with a complaint that alerted him to this situation.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)