Coronavirus in Argentina: after the spike in infections, the Government prepares the ground for a stricter quarantine

President Alberto Fernández, the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Buenosairean governor Axel Kicillof They agreed that “if the current trend continues” to the rise of coronavirus cases, the authorities will decide to go back a step and make the quarantine more restrictive.

This Monday the Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed 2146 new cases of coronavirus -daily record- and 32 deaths in the last 24 hours in Argentina. Of the new infected, 2061 belong to the City and the province of Buenos Aires, the districts that most concern the authorities.

The President will meet again this Thursday in Olivos with Kicillof and Rodríguez Larreta to “make a decision” regarding the quarantine. In this framework, official sources cited by the agency Argentine News they stated that “everything indicates that the situation is going to get worse, a lot and very fast”, so “everyone” is “very attentive to the numbers of beds occupied and the increase in cases”.

“Traffic permits are still being reviewed, accesses are restricted. The movement data of people in transport is also monitored minute by minute,” the agency published based on sources from the Casa Rosada.

Buenos Aires Health Minister Fernán Quirós said this Monday to TN: “In the City we have a significant number of cases, but the growth rate is relatively contained. However, as we continue to grow we increase the occupation of beds and that definitely stresses the health system. “

In this sense, he said that they are “working intensively with the Detectar plan, the systematic testing of health workers and nursing homes to lower cases.” “We need to quickly change that trend. If not, we are going to have to show the data to the public and ask you for one last effort to get past this last part of the peak“he admitted.

Prior to the meeting in Olivos, Health Secretary Carla Vizzotti had explained that an eventual return to phase 1 would be temporary, to stop the circulation of the virus and allow a reorganization in the fight against the disease. “At this time we must organize ourselves and lower circulation of the virus, to then start again in another situation, “he said in dialogue with FM Futurorock.

The official maintained that the Government’s objective is “to minimize transmission”, which cannot be prevented because at the moment there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. He clarified that the health system “not overflowed” compared to the same date last year, as winter cases of respiratory illness increase.

After the meeting, the Governor of Buenos Aires assured that there is an “agreement” with Rodríguez Larreta for “go towards further restriction “ in the metropolitan area. “There is agreement with (with the City) that we must go towards a greater restriction. If everything continues in this direction, we will have to be announcing stricter measures,” Kicillof said in radio statements.

The governor pointed out that “the problem is not who is most infected and who is least infected” between City and Province, because the measures must be taken together. And I add: “The President made it clear that the sooner we take action the better”.