Buenos Aires government will also pay Christmas bonus in installments: the details

The measure had already been implemented by the national administration for gross wages of more than 80,000 pesos. How it is implemented in the City

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires will pay the June half bonus in two installments, as the Nation decided to doOfficial sources reported this afternoon.

In the Buenos Aires administration, the splitting Reach employees who receive gross compensation of $ 50,001 or more.

Payment, in these cases, will be made twice, and workers affected by coronavirus care, such as doctors, nurses, police and firefighters, will be excepted, sources from the Horacio Rodríguez Larreta administration indicated.

Those who receive up to $ 50,000 in gross salary will receive full payment in a timely manner.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta ordered the measure this Tuesday.

Aguinaldo: how is paid to national state

Workers in the national public sector will receive up to 40 thousand gross pesos as a bonus within the legal period provided, and in case of receiving a higher sum, it will be paid in installments.

This was established by the Government through a Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

The Executive Power ordered that the payment of the first installment of the annual supplementary salary corresponding to the current year for all dependent workers of the National public sector, whatever the regime applicable to the employment relationship, it will be carried out as follows:

– Within the foreseen legal term, this amount will be paid up to the sum of 40 thousand gross pesos.- The excess amount of that value will be paid in two equal and consecutive installments together with the remuneration corresponding to July and August 2020.

– In the event that the value of the quota is less than a thousand pesos, the number of quotas must be adjusted until reaching a value close to that sum.

The decision reaches workers in the national financial, banking and non-banking public sector.

The Government justified this decision by noting that “in light of the prevailing fiscal restrictions recognized by Law No. 27,541 and its aggravation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is deemed necessary to establish a method of payment of the first half of the complementary annual salary for the personnel included in the National Public Sector in the terms of article 8 of Law N ° 24,156, corresponding to Exercise 2020 that mitigates its financial effect on the National Treasury “.

Furthermore, he warned that the evolution and dynamics of the pandemic “have had a high impact on the functioning of the economy and society.”

Following the pandemic, it is estimated that also in the private sector many companies are forced to pay the Christmas bonus in installments.

Guild warning and rejection

Unions of Bank and employees of the ANSeS and the CTA of the Workerss expressed today their rejection of the installment payment of the Christmas bonus that was made official by decree for the public sector and demanded that this measure be withdrawn.

The Banking Association led by Sergio Palazzo even warned that he will resort to Justice to remove the fractional payment of bonuses exceeding 40 thousand pesos, which would reach a good part of the affiliates of that union who work in state banks.

Palazzo's banking union strongly rejected the payment of the Christmas bonus in installments.

Palazzo’s banking union strongly rejected the payment of the Christmas bonus in installments.

“We demand that the respective decree be left without effect, while we initiate the pertinent legal actions,” said the banks in a statement.

In this regard, they said they reject “the inconductive decision to pay, in the state sector, the bonus in quotas to workers with wages who already suffer an unjust tax penalty on income that is food.”

“The decision (to pay the Christmas bonus in installments) is contradictory to the delay in sanctioning the necessary law on the contribution of great fortunes for the emergency. That delay cannot be paid by the workers,” they warned.

Too the banks demanded an “urgent” tax reform of a “progressive” nature and added a demand for the mobility of retirement assets.

“From the outset, we rejected the suspension of retirement mobility, which the previous government had already made regressive. Since then we have demanded that such a decision must be reversed,” said the entity that leads Palazzo.

Along the same lines, the ANSeS employees union, SECASFPI, rejected “the national government’s decision to pay the Christmas bonus in installments”, considering that “it implies serious economic damage for all workers in the national public sector”.

In this sense, the head of the union, Carlos Ortega, stated through a statement: “State workers have not ceased in our work, given the essential nature of the services we provide, for which we believe it necessary to pay the complementary annual salary accordingly. ”

For its part, the Workers’ CTA led by Hugo Yasky described the payment in installments of the Christmas bonuses as “an inadmissible advance on a historical right of those who live from their work and not from others

In this regard, this plant reported that it requested “as a matter of urgency, an audience with the minister of the branch, in order to demand that the payment of the Christmas bonus not be split.”

“The official determination, instead of contributing to the purchasing power intervening positively in the economic reactivation through the revitalization of the consumer circuit, contracts it and deepens the recession we are experiencing today,” the Workers’ CTA lamented in a statement.

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