Arturo Frondizi’s beach house is about to be devoured by the dunes of Ostend

Those who know the history of the seaside resorts on the Buenos Aires coast may have ever heard of the “Crawled”, an indomitable dune that was named by the pioneer Carlos Gesell for its constant movement in the summer town. Close by, a few kilometers away, another natural mutation of the dunes threatens a monument today provincial history: the former president’s house Arturo Frondizi in Ostend. The austere box “La Elenita”, Summer accommodation of Frondizi and his family, is about to be devoured by a dune of almost 17 meters high.

“La Elenita” was built in 1935, when the area was a wild and oceanic wasteland. It has just 30 square meters distributed in a kitchen, a room and a bathroom. Arturo Frondizi himself built it with the help of his large family, since his father Giulio was a builder. The box was handcrafted and each wood had a number for the insert. The Frondizi were 14 childrenSo there was no lack of strength and will to load the materials and take them by truck to the virgin coast of the province of Buenos Aires. Once finished, she was given that name, in honor of her only daughter.

Mercedes Faggionato, the niece of the former president and heir to the house, was the one who, faced with the advance of nature, asked the authorities of the Pinamar commune for help. A “La Elenita” is reached by entering the south boulevard, at the intersection of the streets Anvers and Stockholm. The Martina Front of Pinamar reported that “the construction is surrounded by an enormous volume of living sand and the height of the dune exceeds that of the casita. It is located in a sector of Mar de Ostende beach that is an area of accumulation of sand, where the inflow of material into the continent is constant. “

Faggionato has been denouncing the danger that his illustrious uncle’s historic house runs for a long time, because “the irrepressible advance of a huge sand dune that formed the strong winds of the area, “adds to the absence of a plan for restoration, management and maintenance by the municipality of Pinamar.” The huge dune is no more than 4 meters from the house, “warns the family and heir to the former head of state between 1958 and 1962.

In as much, from the Secretary of Landscape of the commune that the intendant leads Martín Yeza, explain that until now they have only received a request. “We are waiting for the Friends of La Elenita Association He presents us with a formal alternative proposal, to know what project they want and thus be able to work together towards the property, without causing damage to the dune system. “The municipal promise is to continue working together with the Tourism areas and Urban Services, to try to find the best solution, I hope this is so and we can honor what represented the visible austerity of a statesman.