ANSES will deliver FREE TABLETS: details of the official plan

The measure aims to guarantee access to the Internet and new technologies to the most vulnerable sectors. These are the details

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM) resolved to expand the scope of the National Program for Access to Information and Communication Technologies for older adults and women from more vulnerable sectors, including beneficiaries of Anses such as Universal Child Allowance (AUH), retirees who receive the minimum credit and monotributistas.

According to the agency’s resolution, The purpose of this expansion is “to enable access to equipment that contributes to social integration, integration and development through the use of information and communication technologies for the most vulnerable sectors of the population through the delivery of tablets to municipalities, civil associations, community networks and other intermediate entities with territorial presence in popular neighborhoods “.

In its recitals, the standard signed by the head of Enacom, Claudio Ambrosini, states that, within the framework of social, preventive and compulsory isolation due to the pandemic of coronavirus, Information and telecommunications technologies “constitute instrumental means for the exercise of fundamental rights (such as health, food and education, among others), especially for the populations most vulnerable to possible contagions such as the elderly ”

“In order to optimize compliance with the program that involves one of the most vulnerable of society before the pandemic of covid-19, it is necessary to redistribute the remainder of the device that was not delivered due to lack of presentation by the beneficiaries, and, consequently, expand the recipients of the program and extend it to new municipalities and / or other social, neighborhood and community organizations with a presence in neighborhoods popular “, indicates Enacom Resolution 705/2020.

State agencies will cross the data of the applicants

Who can get a free tablet

Its scope is for those who perceive:

– Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Pregnancy

– Non-contributory pensions with gross monthly income not exceeding twice the living and moving minimum wage

– Users of the Social Monotributo Regime

– Retirees, pensioners and dependent workers with a gross remuneration less than or equal to two vital and mobile minimum wages

– Monotributistas whose monthly annual income does not exceed twice the living and mobile minimum wage

– Unemployed and electrodependent, among others.

How can tablets be obtained

While the process to obtain the tablet will be online through a form on the Anses page, not yet defined. This will happen once the agreement between Anses and Enacom is signed.

The state agencies will carry out the data crossing of the applicants who already have a subsidy or have a minimum and wish to access the new benefit.


The procedure will be done through the Anses page

While, in the case of older adults and women residing in rural areas, the municipalities will be responsible for drawing up a list with the potential beneficiaries and reassign the devices that were not delivered, corresponding to the program created in 2018.

Through Resolution 705/2020, Enacom then expanded the universe of recipients of this program to “the beneficiaries of Decree 311/20 and its regulations”, which was the one that ordered the prohibition of cutting services for non-payment during the term of the health emergency due to the pandemic to sectors in vulnerable situations.

Meanwhile, article 4 of the Enacom regulation published in the Official Gazette, authorizes municipalities to grant tablets to older adults residing in rural and suburban areas of their municipality. In turn, the Resolution establishes the instructions for the search for potential beneficiaries of said Program.

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