A blind dog splashes in a puddle and her happiness excites everyone

“Seeing is believing”. “The essential is invisible to the eyes”. “The eye of the master fattens the cattle”. We are crossed by maxims and sentences on the predominance of the sense of sight in the life.

However, when it cannot be seen, the rest of the senses are sharpened and enjoyment and enjoyment come through them.

So it was with this blind dog discovering something as simple as a puddle and jumps for joy.

It is exciting to see her dance on the water in a impromptu dance with which she seems to be grateful for that magical moment.

According to the site Animal Expert, a puppy that is born without sight, product of a congenital evil, better carries its disability than a dog that became blind when grown up. They also explain that, unlike humans, dogs can adapt much better to this situation since they compensate with the great development of the senses of smell and hearing.