With goals from Cristiano and Dybala, Juventus defeated Bologna and asserted itself as the leader of Serie A

Bologna vs Juventus (Infobae)

The return of Serie A is an opportunity to retaliate for Juventus, who saw how recently the Italia Cup trophy was escaping him, for the second consecutive time, this time at the hands of Napoli, who won the title in the penalty shootout. With a bad taste in your mouth, the set of Maurizio Sarri resumes his path within the local league where he is ranked first with 63 points, just one ahead of his immediate pursuer Lazio and six from the third, Inter Milan who beat Sampdoria 2-1.

The championship leader weighed his position on the table on the field of play and from the start demonstrated why he is in that position. Cristiano Ronaldo’s attacks from the left were a problem for the home side and in just seven minutes he warned with an attack that culminated in a hitch and a shot that was contained by goalkeeper Skorupski.

The opening of the scoreboard came close to 20 minutes when the VAR warned of a grab in the area against De Ligt in a corner kick that the referee had not observed. The Portuguese striker took charge of the execution and celebrated 1 to 0. From there the dominance of the visiting cast became even greater and despite suffering in a counterattack, he was able to dominate his rival.

At 32 minutes Juventus celebrated the 2-0. A play that did not seem to have more danger on the right was broken when Bernardeschi, with his back to the goal, improvised a cue so that the ball reached Dybala, who was at the door of the area in center forward position. The Argentine settled in a simple movement for his left foot and unsheathed a spectacular shot at the far post that was nailed at an angle.

Juventus is the leader of Serie A (Reuters) (JENNIFER LORENZINI /)

In the championship, the Bianconeri had just beaten their last two games 2-0 and 2-1, the first against Inter at home and the second against SPAL outside his field, so he intends to maintain his winning streak at the Bologna stadium.

The local team, meanwhile, reaches the twenty-seventh day with the intention of recovering points after suffering a defeat against Lazio in the previous match with a 2-0 result. Since the start of the season, the locals have won nine of the 26 matches playeds so far with a figure of 38 points in favor and 42 against.

Referring to the results as local, Bolongna has won four times, has been defeated four times and has drawn five times in 13 games played so far, which seems to indicate that he is not one of the most difficult teams to beat at his stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 1 to 0 penalty (Reuters)
Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 1 to 0 penalty (Reuters) (JENNIFER LORENZINI /)

At home, Juventus has won eight times and has been defeated three times in its 13 games it has played so farAs a result, this is a team that usually scores points at home, something that coach Siniša Mihajlović will have to pay attention to if he does not want to add a negative result at home.

“I saw Cristiano as the others. At the fitness level it lacks a bit of that brilliance that would allow him to do things in the best way, but at this moment it can happen ”, affirmed the Italian coach Maurizio Sarri after seeing the first steps of the Portuguese after three months of inactivity.

Along with the Argentines Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuaín, the Portuguese star will have a new opportunity to meet the network this Monday after the stop due to the choroanvirus pandemic.



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