What Parrilli said about the flag in favor of Vicentin

He questioned the mobilizations in the midst of the pandemic, but ironically: “They have the freedom to express themselves without being jailed or repressed.”

Kirchner senator Oscar Parrilli described as “lower case” and “retrograde” the mobilizations carried out last weekend against the expropriation of the Vicentin cereal factory.

In addition, the former Secretary General of the Presidency ironized about the demonstration last Saturday and remarked that “they have the freedom to express themselves without being imprisoned or repressed. ”

“They are retrograde demonstrations, part of a tiny sector of the Argentine society that has a lot of hatred and is encouraged by the media. A sector of the PRO leadership. But it has little durability over time, “said the former official.

“Sticks” for Patricia Bullrich

Speaking to El Destape Radio, the senator from the Frente de Todos also pointed against the former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

They have the possibility to demonstrate without being repressed, without there being a Patricia Bullrich throwing at you the Gendarmerie and the dogs on top as she did to us when we accompanied Cristina “, he ironized.

In this regard, he remarked that “despite the pandemic and the degree of irresponsibility In making these manifestations that may affect health, they are free to express themselves without being put in prison, without being repressed. Bullrich jailed one who was chatting against the President (Mauricio Macri). ”

Regarding the intervention project, which initially also included the expropriation of the cereal factory, Parrilli explained: “You have to find the best tool. We don’t have to fall in love with an instrument. You have to see the objective, which is to protect workers, rural producers, suppliers, the economy of the entire area and prevent this from being scrapped. ”

The flag was felt throughout the country

“We are going to work as we did with Thales Spectrum, Tandanor, Mail, YPF, Airlines“the senator listed.

Hours earlier, the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, had also spoken out about the mobilizations by Vicentin: “We understand that all Argentines can demonstrate or express their discontentBut we have to do it in a more responsible way just when most of the cases are growing in the AMBA, “he said.

“Generate a manifestation of this characteristic causes a strong contagion vector and we are concerned about health, “he concluded.

The plan for Vicentin de Perotti agreed with Fernández displaces current managers

The Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, indicated that the new proposal to intervene the agro-exporter Vicentin without expropriating it, “displacement of the current managers “ and stressed that the president Alberto Fernández has “high expectations make it the tool that works. “

Last Friday, the provincial president announced the initiative which, as he assured, bill with the support for of the government national because it would allow unlock the conflict with the company.

The proposal establishes the creation of a Audit Body, integrated to Gabriel Delgado and Luciano Zarich, they had been designated opportunely for the Power Executive central by Decree of Necessity and Urgency 522/20, and by Alejandro Alberto.

“It is an instance of background and sustainable which gives us, in our opinion, a tool, “Perotti said this Saturday in radio statements.

Perotti's project wants to displace the cupola so that it does not

Perotti’s project wants to displace the leadership so that it does not “continue” as it attributes the situation of the agro-exporter to poor management

In this sense, he stressed: “The President what he wants is that if they are going to affect resources of all the Argentines, the driving of those resources have total warranty and trust of all. ”

He clarified that the intervention aims to “displacement of the current managers “ because “the same administration than I wear this situation to company it’s not the one that should continue. “

He maintained that he has no “doubt” that with this alternative the workers will have guaranteed the salary and noted: “Every day that passes is a day of deterioration.”

The governor described his alternative as “a intervention judicial within the process bankruptcy “ and emphasized: “Hopefully the judge the value properly because that’s what you’re looking for. “

Speaking to the press at the central act on June 20, he stressed that the President has “high expectations make it the tool that it works. “

“It allows us to put all energies behind the goal of rescue the company, to constitute a fair society that allows us to continue having hands argandThe possibility of increasing player of foods”, He remarked and argued that “it is not something pulled by the hair, much less.”

“The President today is endorsing the presentation honoring its word that if there was a overcoming proposal, I was going to analyze”, He pointed out and insisted that he has “sufficient foundations” and a “national commitment”.

Regarding the mobilizations summoned by the situation of Vicentin, evaluated: “Each one has straight to manifest.

Hopefully we can put those energies to accompany the emergence of a company make it the orrgullo of the Argentineans “.

Field support

Representatives of the field stressed that “the word expropriation It’s something that worries”, so they asked to take into account alternatives for Vicentin, such as that of the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, to “be able to carry out a situation than finish well for all the creditors and actors”.

The head of the Inter-cooperative Agricultural Confederation (CONINAGRO), Carlos Iannizzotto, indicated: “We we manifest to the President that there was a profound disagreement with the expropriation and what was possible alternatives within the judicial process so that the assets of the company are preserved. “

Thus, he evaluated that “hopefully they can channel the ideas of the governor of Santa Fe to be able to carry out a situation it ends well for all creditors and actors. ”

In radio statements, he insisted that “the word expropriation It’s something that worries” and argued that the prevailing thought is “if they do it with a company, then they will come for the mine”.

For his part, the president of the Rural Society (MRS), Daniel Pelegrina pointed out: “We always had a clear position. ” In criticizing the “meddling of a power over another “, He highlighted Perotti’s proposal for understanding that “respect” the decisions of the Justice.

Daniel Pelegrina, from the SRA, and other rural leaders are in favor of Perotti's initiative

Daniel Pelegrina, from the SRA, and other rural leaders are in favor of Perotti’s initiative

“We hope that follow for that framework of the law”, remarked the leader, who regarding the possibility of the reverse with the expropriation, He noted: “I have doubts.”

“The signs they are very confusing “, considered and affirmed that the Vicentin constitutes “a difficult business and a market very transparent”.

Nonos brings a lot of encouragement that the State gets into a business difficult”, analyzed.

When asked about the protests of the countryside, justified: “They are not for Vicentin, but they are for the outrages to freedom”.

“In many towns and cities add others issues. It is not that of the countryside alone, but of all those who want to restore the mechanisms of republic”, analyzed.

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