The Fitship “technological” gym prepares the opening

The “technological” Fitship gym is preparing to open with promotions and benefits, for when the Emergency Operations Center (COE) enables this sector.

It is a 1,200-square-meter gym with a strong technological imprint, designed for medium and high-performance training, but also with a leisure and commercial area, which involved an investment of 20 million pesos.

The complex located in Ciudad Empresarial has an outdoor 400-meter track for running training and an internal 30-meter track to work on running technique.

In addition, it has a streetball cage, a closed space with a perimeter fence, for one-on-one basketball games, with the particularity that the ball does not leave the area.

This center led by Luciana Zampieri, former general manager of Ingotar (Patio Olmos), should have opened its doors during the summer, but when the pandemic began it began to grow worldwide, the complex decided to delay its opening. Now, he is waiting for the COE to extend the flexibilization to the gyms.

For this, it launched a promotion for the first 100 registered with a promotional price of 8,500 pesos for six months and 13,500 for one year.

In addition, this group will have priority to choose a training shift (one of the items of the protocol provided for the return to the gyms), a workshop choice and exclusive discounts on the Under Armor line at Newsport, among other benefits.

“In this way, we want those people who love and long to train in a professional space, to ensure their place in Fitship and have priorities for shifts and places,” emphasizes Zampieri.