In Córdoba, Carrefour connected two hypermarkets to wind energy

The Carrefour chain added renewable energy at branches in Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires and Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

The program includes the brand’s hypermarkets located at Avenida Colón 4,880 and Avenida O’Higgins 3,765, which now cover 80 percent of their energy consumption with this renewable energy source.

“The initiative is part of the sustainability policy, which has energy savings as a fundamental pillar when it comes to minimizing impacts on the environment and lowering costs,” the company said.

In this framework, the company developed the anti-waste plan, “which seeks to guarantee the effective use of resources, encouraging all areas of the company to be more efficient and generate value.”


The action is part of the company’s global commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030 and 55 percent by 2040.

In Argentina, to carry out the project, Carrefour made a three-year agreement with the company Central Puerto, one of the companies that generate electricity from clean energy.

The actions carried out in branches and distribution centers include the replacement of fluorescent tubes for LED lighting and the incorporation of more efficient refrigeration equipment, which consume less energy.

In logistics, the firm implemented the system backhauling, through which it optimizes the use of trucks with its suppliers and takes advantage of the return flow to the distribution centers, which reduces the number of kilometers they travel and, consequently, the emission of carbon dioxide by combustion.