Coronavirus in Argentina | The Sarmiento train started working again after five hours and there are delays

After five hours of being interrupted, the Sarmiento train and there are delays. He was suspended for the activation of two suspected cases of coronavirus, by two guards who have symptoms compatible with the disease and were in contact with other employees. Before the suspension of the service that joins Moreno with Once, they formed Long lines in the western area of ​​the suburbs to take additional buses, in full quarantine.

The company Trenes Argentinos reported in a statement that the suspension occurred by two workers who were in contact with an infected person. From this situation they isolated these two workers and another 37 employees who were with the affected guards.

The company explained that the number of personnel affected by this measure “made it impossible to ensure the normal provision of the service during the first hours of the morning.” The service was suspended between 6 and 11 in the morning, hours in which it was restored with delays. The company clarified that with the passing of the hours the service will be normalized.

The company explained that in this type of situation, a protocol is activated that is applied “immediately and responsibly from the first day of the pandemic, in order to preserve the health of passengers and passengers and employees.”

From the official operator indicated that they appeal to the “individual responsibility” of users to avoid crowds, at the risk of contagion of COVID-19. Although long lines formed in the western area of ​​the conurbano to take additional mikes, service that was reinforced.

After the restoration of the service, the company suggested that “if a train arrives at a station with its full capacity, it is recommended to wait on the platform for the next service to arrive, which has space to be able to respect the obligatory social distancing, or to choose a means of alternative transport since personal care results in collective care. “