Coronavirus in Argentina | They broke the quarantine and crossed the Paraná river by boat to see their boyfriends


In the middle of a coronavirus quarantine, two 18-year-old teenagers from Chaco they crossed the Paraná river by boat in quarantine to see her boyfriends in Corrientes. Police discovered them after residents of the coastal Cichero neighborhood called 911 to report them.

It all happened on Saturday, after the authorities received to 911 a call alerting that two people they had gotten off a boat in the area amid the mandatory isolation.

“They were two 18-year-old women who crossed in a smaller boat and they claimed to have come from Chaco to see their partners “, said to Telam the commissioner César Fernández, head of the Metropolitan Police Directorate of Corrientes.

The officer said that the neighbors gave “a very precise description of the place where they were,” so the police arrived quickly and activated the coronavirus preventive protocol.

The adolescents underwent a swab, which was negative, so immediately they transferred them back to their province With the collaboration of the Chaco Police, who looked for the young women on the General Belgrano inter-provincial bridge.

At the same time, the two boyfriends of the girls remain with police custody in compliance with a preventive quarantine.

“Unfortunately these kinds of abnormalities are repeating themselves “ indicated the head of the Metropolitan Directorate of the provincial force, referring to other cases of people who evaded the controls that Corrientes established on the bridge over the Paraná.

“As a result of what happened, we ask the Prefecture to intensify controls on the river to prevent the same thing from happening,” said Fernández.

Chaco, one of the provinces most affected by the coronavirus, registered 1387 cases and 77 killed by disease. For its part, Corrientes reported 105 infected and no fatal victim Until now.


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