“We were born again,” said Alberto Crescenti after the second explosion in Villa Crespo


The director of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, remarked that the second explosion that occurred in a perfumery in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo “It was tremendous, something unexpected”, while indicating: “The truth is that we were born again.”

Both he and the rest of the team were witnesses and even victims of the second outbreak, which was recorded by a cell phone camera and caused the death of two City firefighters.

In the images, Crescenti is seen standing, a few meters from the perfumery, along with police, firefighters and colleagues, when the second explosion hit them.

The rescue started after the first explosion affected firefighters, one of whom was in shock, “said the emergency doctor.

“When we arrived there was a lot of smoke and we started to remove the wounded. We were trying to get them out when there was a second explosion, even stronger, more violent, that threw a lot of masonry at us. The truth is that we were born again, “said the head of the SAME in television statements.

He also added that “it was unexpected, a tremendous impact, it was a very powerful deflagration

“He almost threw us too. A lot of masonry, glass flew. We don’t know what happened. The shock wave was very strong, took almost the entire width of Corrientes AvenueCrescenti added.

In addition, he pointed out that he only had a blow to one of the arms and specified: “I am fine, I managed to cover myself because I was with another pair of doctors. We are saved. Luckily we were born again. We have a few excoriations, we get cracks and a little chip. Unfortunately, the worst part was taken by the two firefighters who died. “

The fire started minutes after 17:00, in the basement of the store, a place where merchandise accumulated, including highly flammable products.


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