Coronavirus in Argentina | It infected a friend who violated the quarantine and now suffers threats: “They say they are going to set my house on fire”


A young woman of 20 years positive for coronavirus in Guaymallén, Mendoza and it became this Tuesday the 80th case in the province. It was spread after violate quarantine and hang out with a friend who didn’t know he was infected. The teenager reported that received threats.

From the provincial Ministry of Health confirmed that the meeting took place when the decree that established social, preventive and compulsory isolation throughout the country was in force. After learning the news, the young man told on social networks that they wanted to burn down the house.

“What need do they have of threaten me and my family, that my house was going to be set on fire, “he wrote on Facebook.

Both patients they are interned at the Lencinas hospital. And the authorities of the health center reported that they are studying a mild picture of the disease, but remain admitted for guarantee your privacy and prevent the spread of the virus.

The teen who caught her friend is a member of a family in which four of its five members contracted the virus. According to the province, the first to become infected would have been the greatest after having contact with an infected person who arrived from Peru.

Then, his mother, his little sister, his brother tested positive, who was admitted on Thursday and, now, the 80th case of the province. The only one to test negative was the father of the family.

The teenager who would have infected his friend in Guaymallén made his release on Facebook (Photo: Facebook screenshot)

In the release he made on the social network, the young man denied that his family had been in contact with a person of Peruvian nationality. “In my house nobody else came or went, and I take charge, “he said, implying that he could have been the first infected in his family.

Finally, he replied to the people who criticized him: “I I did not infect anyone, nor was I breaking the quarantine… Now, no one went out to buy? Didn’t anyone go out even for a few minutes to the street or to the door of his house? “And he sentenced:” I I’m not a fugitive from nothing or nobody “.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)


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