About 200,000 people asked for zero rate credit: how to manage it


In just two days, some 200,000 taxpayers have already applied for their loan without interest. This Wednesday they will start receiving the funds on their cards

According to official data released by AFIP and the Central Bank (BCRA), during the first 48 hours since the service was enabled, around 200,000 monotributistas and self-employed began the process to access a zero rate credit through the AFIP website.

After last week’s delays and a bumpy start yesterday – which included a multi-hour drop on the AFIP website – today the first loans began to be processed more easily.

Those interested should first enter the website of the collecting agency to see if they are eligible to receive the financing and then indicate which credit card and bank they want to receive the loan from.

A combo of regulations

Monday, before the AFIP site malfunctionMany clients intended to enter home banking to start the process, an alternative that is not available.

“The AFIP page was down, so the people who need that money turned to the pages of the banks they naturally did not have the information and could not respond. Yesterday we had between 3 or 4 times the usual traffic on the web. Today was intense in the first hour, but then it was normalizing, “they commented in one entity.

The demand of the monotributistas and self-employed was combined with the first day of operation of the new restrictions on the purchase of solidarity dollar, so that some mobile banks had problems in their services.

All this, in addition, occurred in the framework of the beginning of the month, which always involves a greater number of banking operations.

Those interested should report their credit card number to the AFIP
“Yesterday the banks had a very difficult day in their homebanking and apps. There were problems specific to each entity to adapt the systems to the new regulations, but above all problems with other networkssuch as Prisma (acquirer of Visa in Argentina), AFIP and BCRA, “they explained in a bank.

And they added: “In the case of AFIP and BCRA, the instructions they had to pass to pay monotributistas did not yet pass to us. It was expected that they would send the bases in the morning, then in the afternoon, then at night … It is a cumbersome process, AFIP sends the BCRA and this to the banks. Obviously there incompatibilities between each other’s systems. “

In a colleague they agreed: “As the days go by, the regulations on how to grant them change. we have to adapt the process again


Strictly off the record, the banks agree on complaints regarding the mechanism implemented by the collecting agency. “Today we are already receiving applications, but AFIP had delays and the process was delayed because it started on their website, “they acknowledged in a private entity.

“It was AFIP who had to take the first step and yesterday the website collapsed, so we couldn’t grant anything“they added in another bank.

In a third institution, meanwhile, they stated: “Our home banking had no problems yesterday. What went down was the AFIP website, but once it resumed, we started receiving loan applications

Delays in commissioning these lines were present from the start. In principle, it had emerged that the process could start from last Monday but finally it was postponed until this week so that AFIP had time to fine-tune the database of eligible taxpayers.

The process begins on the AFIP website, which yesterday went several hours without service

The process begins on the AFIP website, which yesterday went several hours without service

From the organism that Mercedes Marcó del Pont conducts they denied that the problems continue. It is working, the banks are receiving the information. We pass it to the BCRA every day and they send it to the banksthey said.

Central sources demonstrated on the same line. They assured that banks received the first round of approved loans last night by AFIP and they noted that the mechanism is working.

In this line, Darío Silva, Marketing Manager of Banco Comafi, maintained: “We work against the clock so that our clients, starting this Monday, can request the loan at zero rate by entering the corresponding option of homebanking. During the first hours validity, we adjust the connection with the BCRA in order to obtain the list of people approved by AFIP to access these loans and streamline the process. ”

According to the regulations, banks must offer the possibility of requesting these loans via the web. Several made developments in their web applications. In the case of Banco Ciudad, they chose to offer the procedure for the self-management web channel. “As AFIP transmits the applications to us, the clients confirm their willingness to receive the credit through this channel,” they pointed out in the Buenos Aires entity.

Express disbursement

In all the entities consulted they stated that disbursements will begin between tomorrow and the day after. Is that, according to BCRA regulations, banks have 48 hours to credit the first of three installments of financing on the customer’s credit card.

“Today we send to process the first disbursements to the credit card administrators in such a way that tomorrow customers have the money of the loan on their Banco Comafi credit card they chose. In this way, we are complying with the regulations to make these loans effective within 48 hours, “Silva stressed.

“As soon as the AFIP and BCRA info is available, the process is extremely easy in the bank, whether the recipient has an account or not, “they pointed out in an entity where they had not yet been able to start the procedures this afternoon.

Other financial institutions expressed themselves along the same lines, although they also recognized that the process can be extended in the case of beneficiaries who do not have a credit card current in the bank they chose.

As reported by the BCRA, 70% of the people who started to process the loan have a credit card while the remaining 30% must request a plastic to the chosen entity that, in the context of quarantine, will have to send it to the address of the applicant.

Loans can be from up to 25% of annual turnover of the monotax category where the taxpayer is registered, although there is a $ 150,000 cap. According to the information released by the BCRA, the average amount of the processed loans is around $ 100,000. That amount would be equivalent to a quarter of the gross income of a category C monotributista, who invoices just over $ 417,000 per year.

Regarding the number of requests in each bank, the numbers shared by the entities are disparate. In an institution where they could receive orders from Monday, despite the failures in AFIP, they had 600 procedures. In other entities they talked about 1,500 requests and in the third bank they said they know they have 5,000 orders already approved by AFIP and BCRA.

Step by Step

The monotributistas and self-employed can request a credit at zero rate between May 4 and 29. To do this, they must complete the following steps:

1) Enter the AFIP site with Fiscal key (level 2 minimum).

2) Click on the “Zero Rate Credit” tab.

3) Report the total amount intended. The system will indicate the minimum and maximum credit that you can access according to its category.

4) Indicate the Credit card number where the three monthly tranches of the loan will be credited. If you do not have a plastic, you must inform which bank is chosen to process the credit.

5) At the end of loading the information required by him, the data will be forwarded to the BCRA for check. If the request cannot advance, the system will indicate the reasons for which the credit is denied.

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