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The quarantine generated that both workers and SMEs find financing through online alternatives in banks and other sites.

The quarantine limits going out and makes it impossible to go to the bank without having asked for a attention shift previous. So, in order not to leave home, loans on-line They are the best option that is presented in case you need financing, with some options that do not have cost extra some up to other alternatives credits with a high rate of interest.

According to the survey carried out by iProfessional, there are different alternatives of financing through Internet. From the brand new line of credits to rate 0% for monotributistas and self-employed up to others loans banking at a general level, they have costs from 24% to 110%, ranging from lines to SMEs as well as loans pledge, personal and mortgage.

They are joined by others online options, Like the credits from entities non-bank, as can be the large number of fintech and Credit cards that exist in the market they’re not tied to financial entities regulated by the central bank.

From the AFIP website you can manage the loan online at a 0% rate for monotributistas and self-employed

More convenient online loans

Without a doubt, in may debuted the most convenient option of financing who contemplates lessening the blow economic suffered by many workers independent in the middle of the pandemic.

Thus, promoted by the government, during May all the monotributistas and freelancers registered in the tax system may register from the website of the AFIP To access loans to zero rate, since its costs are 100% subsidized. They have a grace period of 6 months and can be amortized in 12 equal and consecutive installments. The maximum amount to be awarded is $ 150,000.

“This does not occur in cashbut are charged as a negative balance in the credit card and it will be awarded in 3 dues equal. In this way, as consumption is loaded onto the card (positive balance), the loan is used and the negative balance is exhausted. In turn, if you receive this loan, you will not be able to access the exchange market for the purchase of Dollars“, details iProfessional Robert Geretto, economist of Bank CMF.

The operative for apply for This line is simple, since the request must be entered by the page of Internet of the AFIP with key fiscal.

“For authorize the loanfor example the AFIP will analyze whether the billing it fell due to the effects of the Covid-19 below the average minimum monthly of the category, and then you will have approval and you can make the request to the Bank with which the interested party regularly operates “, Geretto completes.

These credits include monotributistas of the lessons TO and B, which are those who also collected the $ 10,000 in April of the bonus of Emergency Family Income (IFE).

Between the requirements to be able to request these new credits to rate 0%, stands out no lend services to the sector public national, provincial or municipal by 70%. Neither perceive income in reason of maintaining a dependency relationship or coming from a retirement, among other conditions.

There are various online loans for SMEs and workers affected by the quarantine of the Covid-19

There are various online loans for SMEs and workers affected by the quarantine of the Covid-19

Loans to SMEs online

In most of the public banks and private you can access the “Help Line MyPymes” arranged by the government, which consists of a loan 12 months after term (depending on the entity and the amount) at a nominal fixed rate of 24%, with a Grace period to start paying it for three months.

These facilities are also geared towards Business food and lenders of service of Health doomed to Emergency Sanitarythat require money for the purchase of supplies, payment of wages and capital of work.

The amount awarded It is up to one month of sales, expandable to 2.5 months for Business they produce goods considered essential during the pandemic. In cases of loans longer, the period can be extended to 18 months, and extended to 24 if supported by a SGR.

For example, from the Bank Nation reported that in the first week of job in full quarantine, digitally approved almost 4,200 credits for a total of $ 17,345 million, to carry out investments of capital of work and to face the payment of wages.

In this sense, it helps the most affected firms, from this banking public reported that they have a emergency line for MyPymes to one rate of 18% during the first year, and then to BADLAR rate in pesos plus 5%. This money obtained can be used to investments up to $ 5 million, plus 20% of said amount for capital of job associated; or used as working capital and evolution expenses of up to $ 3 million.

In the case of investments, the minimum term of return at 36 months and a maximum of 60 months. Meanwhile, for capital of job it’s only 36 months.

The entities also have another line of financing for the Promotion of Telework, destined to MyPymes in any form corporate or one-person. The destination must be the acquisition of goods necessary for the modality telecommutingas well as expenses of installation me put in functioning.

The amount granted is up to $ 3 million and up to 20% of the cost of acquired goods in concept of installation costs me put in functioning.

The term of return it is up to 36 months, and the cost is a rate of 18% TNA during the first year; and then the BADLAR in pesos of the banks private plus 5%.

Also, among the lines proposals that of overdraft in current account for payment of wages, destined to micro, small and medium enterprises in any form corporate or one-person. The amount awarded is up to a payroll and must be returned within 180 days and rate of interest 24% per year.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Productive Development (through the SME Secretariat) launched a new call to grant economic assistance for productive projects of entrepreneurs to respond to the problems that arise from the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 and that “they are relevant, scalable and of easy implementation in the current context of emergency

The Projects selected will access contributions non-refundable for a maximum amount of $ 1.8 million, and up to $ 6 million for Projects of great impact or associative, which may cover up to 100% of the initiative. The Projects must be submitted via platform officialFormalities from distance“(TAD) and will have a weather maximum for the execution three or six months, depending on the type of assistance.

Fintech companies allow access to loans online but interest rates are higher

Fintech companies allow access to loans online but interest rates are higher

Traditional online loans

Since the banks they also have available credits pre-approved on the spot for customers which can be accessed on-line, as are the cases of loans pledge, personal and mortgage.

“The loans automatic broadly they represent approximately 30% of the total placement of loans, they informed iProfessional from a recognized Bank private.

The deadlines of return and the fees of interest vary according to each entity bankto amount requested and the type of loan that is obtained.

In this sense, Geretto believes that in the Bank loans with the most traditional modality, “where in case of already being client you can immediately access, on average, the Annual Nominal Rate (TNA) round the fifty%, although it is always important to differentiate this concept from Total Financial Cost (CFT), where the year began in TNA levels of 70%

And he notes: “Product of the politics of the central bank, the present rate It was descending. The amounts that can be obtained will depend on the credit history and under what category of client the applicant is framed. That is, general portfolio, premier or other. ”

In some banks, exist loans personal to one rate final that can be around 110% annually and an extended period of 60 months. Meanwhile, in a Bank on-linefor example they offer loans personal up to $ 600,000, to be paid between 12, 18 and 24 installments with a rate range of between 45% and 65%, and a first deferred installment after 60 days.

On the other hand, there are also a number of non-bank loans, which are not regulated by the Central Bank, whose main difference is that the requirements to access these financing are minors, but the rate what should pay is greater and that in certain products it can exceed 150% annual.

“In some cases, there’s not even requirement some to fulfill, because with filling a form you can get the loan. As for the fees, for these cases can be found as a basis TNA of 60% on average, that is, a 10% spread with respect to the system banking“he concludes Geretto.

In relation to requirementsboth in banks like in entities not bank, what is usually analyzed is the receipt of salary or monotax of the interested. Or the receipt of retirement / pension and the DNI, “where it will be found that the weight of the share of the credit does not exceed 30% of entry Geretto ends.

Also the entities will look for background credit of the applicant. If approved, the money agreed.-

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