Incidents during a protest of senders in Chaco: there were 12 detainees


A protest of remiseros in the town of Resistencia, in Chaco, ended up with 12 workers arrested. The concentration was on the Nicolás Avellaneda highway and Sarmiento avenue at the entrance to the city.

Although the provincial government lifted the restrictions so they can work, they can do it by patent number and day by. To this is added the small number of passengers.

About 500 vehicles participated in the protest, including taxis and remises. The operation had a large number of uniformed officers who took 12 people arrested: three women and nine men.

“We are asking for financial aid, not a food module of 7 or 8 products that lasts a family for two or three days. We ask for answers from Governor Jorge Capitanich.” We do not want to cut or violence, we want the solution. We have been suffering for 40 days a total abandonment of the government“one of the workers told the newspaper Chaco Day by Day.

For his part, Antonio Poce, a reference for the Mutual Radiotaxis and Remises de Resistencia in dialogue with City TV He acknowledged that despite the fact that the provincial government lifted the restriction to carry out its work, the circulation restrictions due to the patent number and the low number of passengers requesting the service makes it very complex the situation.


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